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For more than 30 years, EarthCalm® has provided EMF protection devices
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 We’re all living in a hazardous cloud of EMFs in our environment generated by the technology that surrounds us. This radiation is eroding our immune systems and causing health symptoms and disease for increasing numbers of people.

Even our electricity and our appliances emit hazardous EMFs. Add the radiation from wireless devices—such as cell phones, routers, cell towers, and smart meters—and it’s clear that we need to protect ourselves from EMFs.

EarthCalm EMF Protection Technology

Unlike many other EMF protection products on the market, EarthCalm’s product line addresses the problems emitted by both wireless and electrical devices. All EarthCalm products work together, synergistically adding layers of protection against all EMF sources in your environment.

EarthCalm products use revolutionary Living Earth Technology to protect you from electromagnetic radiation. Pro- prietary geometric circuits mirror the structure of the earth’s electro- magnetic field. These circuits act as antennae to amplify your resonance with the earth.



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“I like your products so much that I have bought one of everything you have…I now sleep much sounder, the brain fog is almost gone completely, and zero headaches, no colds…” Brian Slanger, Stevenson, MD


Health Benefits of EarthCalm Products

  • Sleep better
  • No more headaches
  • Asthma symptoms reduced
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Autoimmune diseases relief
  • ADHD symptoms reduced



The Big Picture

From EarthCalm Inventor, Jean Gallick



“With a master’s degree in Holistic Health Education, I have had many fantastic tools I’ve practiced with for 20 years. Your products are products I could not more highly recommend.” Nancy Minges, M.A., Soda Springs, CA


Home EMF Protection System  

The Home EMF Protection System is our most comprehensive and powerful product and gives you protection from all EMFs, including your:

  • electricity and appliances
  • smart meter
  • wireless router & all wireless devices programmed to it
  • cordless phone




I have tried many other EMF-related products for personal, home and cell phone protection…Your products are totally different, they WORK!” Olivia Worthy, LVN, TX


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Your products are totally different, they WORK..."            

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