EarthCalm EMF Protection Benefits

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Benefits include relief from:

  • Chronic Headaches & Migraines
  • High Blood Pressure & Panic Attacks
  • Mind Fog & Memory Loss
  • Depression & Chronic Anxiety
  • Tinnitus
  • Asthma Symptoms
  • Hyperactivity & Symptoms of Autism
  • Insomnia

Start with the Infinity Home System.
Protect everyone in your home.

The Infinity Home System provides powerful protection from all sources of electromagnetic radiation in your home, including your:

  • Home electricity & appliances
  • Desktop computers
  • Lap top and cell phone when charging
  • Wireless router
  • Smart meters

There is no other product on the market that protects you as effectively as the Infinity Home System from all sources of electromagnetic radiation in your home.



Take one symptom — such as headaches, digestive problems, or insomnia — and test the Infinity Home System for 90 days, and experience the difference.

Inventor, Jean Gallick, speaks about EMF Protection Technology

Science validates power of EarthCalm Infinity Home System to completely reverse hazards of EMFs

A new study has been completed on the Infinity Home System by Glen Rein PhD of Quantum Biology Research. Dr. Rein tested the effects of home electricity and microwave radiation (from a smart meter and wireless router) on human DNA, both with and without the EarthCalm Infinity Home System installed. Research results showed that the Infinity Home System completely reversed the harmful effects of radiation on human DNA. Read full report.

EarthCalm products made a big difference to me. I’m an RN and was able to check my blood oxygen (O2) levels. For the previous 30 years my levels were at 93%, even though I have no lung diseases. Normal is 98-100%, if you stay below 90% you’re given extra oxygen.


I checked myself after using the home system and personal resonator for about two weeks. My O2 level was 97-98% and has stayed there since (over 19 months)!

Thanks, Ina Corbin, Creston British Columbia

Why an Infinity Home System is Essential

We are all living in a hazardous cloud of electromagnetic radiation in our homes today. There’s no way around it.

 The Home EMF Protection System protects you from EMFs from your electricity are hazardous to your health.

Electricity: In 2009, Epidemiologist, Sam Milham, published a study that demonstrated an alarming link between electrification in US homes in the 20th century and deaths from the so-called “plagues of civilization”: heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression (including suicide).

In 2013, Dr M.L. Pall published an article demonstrating that EMFs cause chronic oxidative stress and DNA breakage. EMFs also were demonstrated to impact Calcium ions and their proper functioning in the cell. This study demonstrates the biological mechanism whereby home electricity impacts human biology in ways detrimental to the proper functioning of the body.

 The Home EMF Protection System protects you from wireless radiation. Wireless Radiation: Routers and other wireless devices, including the large banks of smart meters now in most neighborhoods, add to the electrosmog. This onslaught of electromagnetic radiation into our homes has created an environment that has affected many people with multiple health symptoms, immune system disorders, and serious diseases. 

Read more about the Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation Explained Biologically


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