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outdoorbldgEarthCalm offices are located in a beautiful wooded setting in Chico, California. Solar panels and EMF protection make it a peaceful and employee friendly environment.

It is here that it all happens— from the hand-crafted circuits, product assembly, packaging and shipping to your door.

The circuitry is hand-crafted under careful supervision to maintain strict quality control. Individuals manufacturing the products are chosen for their manual dexterity and ability to maintain close attention to meticulous detail, as the creation of the miniature circuits in the technology requires expert precision and accuracy. Another quality important to Jean in hiring all her employees is a sense of integrity and an alignment with her vision of helping to create a safer, cleaner earth.

EarthCalm staff members at Walk4Water event raising awareness and $$ for clean safe water for Africa.

EarthCalm staff members at Walk4Water event raising awareness and $$ for clean safe water for Africa.

Community support and environmental action is part of the EarthCalm Team spirit.

EarthCalm has offered EMF protection products to the world since the late 1980s.



Inventor, Jean Gallick

Jean Gallick, EarthCalm Inventor

Owner and Inventor, Jean Gallick, has been adversely affected by EMFs since childhood and began early in life to find a way to protect herself from them. After many years of research and testing, she finally discovered that by grounding herself into the earth’s electromagnetic field, she was able to accomplish this.

Being a natural inventor, she immediately began testing different methods that would enhance her grounding in the earth’s field. Once she found what worked, she realized she cared deeply about educating and protecting other people from the hazards of EMFs, as well. Feeling she had discovered her mission in life, she began in earnest to develop EMF protection devices—and EarthCalm was born.

EarthCalm Today

While Jean’s mission has remained a constant throughout the years, the company has expanded organically. From a one-woman show at new age fairs, EarthCalm has grown to a team of almost 20 individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences who share Jean’s vision and values.

Meanwhile, Jean continues to do research and to test and strengthen the products as the technological revolution engulfs us in ever denser electrosmog, ensuring that the products continue to offer the most powerful EMF protection on the market today.

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Questions? Contact our friendly customer service representatives by email or by phone: 800-474-2584.

 Read what one customer, Kathryn Lloyd, said about our customer service:

Once again, EarthCalm has impressed me with its superb customer service!  What a great company.  My husband, son, and I all have EarthCalm pendants.  I decided that I would like to replace the older type metal insulators (on the chains) with the newer rubber loop insulators on all 3 pendants. 


My email was answered promptly, in the friendly and courteous manner I’ve come to associate with EarthCalm. Not only did they agree to provide me with new insulators, they also said that if I preferred, to send our chains to them, they could replace the insulators for me!  I decided to have them sent to me.  I wish all companies were like EarthCalm, providing good products and giving dependable customer service.


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