American Academy of Pediatrics Supports
Cell Phone Right to Know Act

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recently endorsed pending legislation introduced into Congress by Rep. Dennis Kucinich in August 2012 that would require new research into the safety of cell phone radiation, especially for children.

Cell Phone Right to Know Act

Known as the “Cell Phone Right to Know Act”, the bill proposes that adverse human biological effects associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices be examined and that cell phones be labeled with these effects.

In particular, the bill proposes that

  • Safety standards be required that protect children and other vulnerable populations, e.g., that warning labels be placed on cell phones, warning consumers of radiation dangers.
  • A research program be started to study cell phone radiation levels
  • The Environmental Protection Agency be required to update the standards for specific absorption rate (SAR)

American Academy of Pediatrics Endorsement

In December 2012, The American Academy of Pediatrics sent a letter to Rep. Kucinich, stating their support of the bill. The AAP is a non-profit professional organization of 60,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical sub-specialists and pediatric surgical specialists.

Elaborating on the Academy’s support of the bill, the letter describes how children are disproportionately affected by environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation.

“The differences in bone density and the amount of fluid in a child’s brain compared to an adult’s brain could allow children to absorb greater quantities of RF energy deeper into their brains than adults.”    

American Academy of Pediatrics Letter a “Wake up Call”

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) supports The AAP’s endorsement of the Cell Phone Right to Know Act. Founded as a non-profit in 1993, the EWG states its mission is to “use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment”.  

Pleased that the American Academy of Pediatrics has joined the mounting calls for legislation aimed at ensuring cell phone safety, EWG Senior Scientist Renee Sharp states:

“Many people wrongly still regard the question of cell phone safety as a fringe issue. The fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics is officially supporting a bill calling for more research, more protective standards, and better labeling of cell phones’ associated radiation exposure should be a wake-up call that this is an issue that must be taken seriously.”



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4 comments on “American Academy of Pediatrics Supports
Cell Phone Right to Know Act
  1. Veronica says:

    When will Americans wake up to the damages from this electromagnetic smog we live with? I just developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity and there is no help for me. I ‘m not a kook or crazy person. I began to get sick on my phone and my computer. I’ve used both for a long time. I never thought that it could be damaging me. The sensitivity while I was on line and on the phone got so severe that I can’t use any radiofrequency emitting devices. I am suffering with three smart meters on my home. I have three cell towers by my home. I can feel a cell tower before I even see it. My life has become a living hell. Not only am i so sick, but doctors don;t understand/accept it and people act like I have suddenly lost my mind. Please, politicians, doctors, researchers–do something before more people end up suffering like I am.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      I’m so sorry to hear of your extreme electro-hypersensitivity. No you aren’t crazy, but like many others, you continue to be thought so by those who don’t exhibit any outward physical symptoms yet, or are unfamiliar with the research about the dangers of EMFs.

      We can hope that one day safety and technology will evolve at the same pace so that we can all enjoy the benefits. For now, although your suffering is real, I urge you not to give in to defeat.

      EarthCalm products came about because another woman was every bit as electrosensitive as you. And 25 years ago, even less was known about electrosensitivity, so naturally, she also got no help from conventional means. With persistence, Jean Gallick researched solutions with herself as the litmus test of efficacy. Now thousands of us have found her solutions effective. Our symptoms disappear. We can function in the world. EarthCalm products were invented by, and continue to be tested and updated by one who has been exactly in your shoes! She knows this problem from all directions.

      So, before you say “there is no help for me” try those same solutions that have worked for others. There is no risk. We offer a great guarantee for exactly this reason. Test it with your own body. Please call Customer Service at 800.474.2584. They have personal experience and can help.
      Best Wishes for renewed Health!

  2. Dorothy Schnitzler says:

    I am from Marshfield Wisconsin.
    Smart meters are to be installed by May 2013 .
    There are many reports that declare unsafe.
    To ask our law makers seems to be unheard.
    The FCC as I see, may look at updating the requirements as the increase of wireless communications are growing out of control.
    Please reply , thank you.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Dorothy, your concerns about smart meters are echoed across the country. People are asking for more studies, definitive answers, safety standards, easy ways to opt out, and at least to be heard and have their questions addressed. Reputable studies show reason for concern. Yet the official decisions are based on other studies that refute those claims. Are politics and big money to blame, as some believe? Are people just afraid of change, as the other side claims?

      Whether the the focus is smart meters, cell phones, wifi in schools…the truth is that the whole issue is full of questions. That alone is a red flag! Educate yourself. There are so many studies showing the hazards of manmade electromagnetic frequencies. Until it can be proven otherwise, or until there are new safety precautions in place, EarthCalm encourages the use of EMF protection.
      The Best of Health to you-

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