Am I a Moody Person—
Or Do I have Electromagnetic Sensitivity?

The following is a testimonial sent to us at EarthCalm by Lindy M. of Oregon about her discovery of having electromagnetic sensitivity.

I wasn’t always a moody person. I used to be a fairly steady, upbeat sort of person. Level-headed—even happy-go-lucky.

I enjoyed life. I wasn’t ruled by my emotions. Old friends have validated this for me.

I don’t know when this started changing, exactly—but I’d say it’s been within the last ten years or so. At some point, I started feeling somewhat more irritable about things that hadn’t bothered me before.

I began getting angry at people for reasons I couldn’t understand. And feeling anxious and depressed. I just started to generally feel bad about myself and my life.

A Moody Phase?

When I first began noticing this change in myself, I would brush it off, thinking I was just going through a phase of being discontented about my life. Everyone went through phases like this, didn’t they? I’d come out of it.

But I didn’t. It began getting worse. I’d wake up not knowing what kind of mood I’d be in. I was noticing other people were being more careful around me, choosing their words and watching my face to see my reaction to what they were saying. My kids, in particular. I could even see a sense of fear in my 5-year-old son’s face when he’d say something to me at times. This really got to me, finally.

What had happened to me? I used to be so smooth, so capable of handling stress, so easy to please. Now I’d become the kind of prickly, moody sort of person I had always avoided in the past.

It Wasn’t Menopause

I was too young to be in menopause, but I figured it had to be hormonal. So I went to have some tests done. To my surprise, I was assured my hormones were balanced. I spoke to other professionals about it. Some offered me anti-depressants. Others gave assurances that it was normal to feel as I did, and that it would pass—I should just carry on and not worry about it.

But I did worry about it. I hated feeling moody and reactive all the time. I didn’t enjoy feeling irritable, anxious and depressed. And now I was also realizing my body was never really feeling truly relaxed. And  none of this was going away.

I kept asking myself what else had begun happening to me in the last few years that could have caused this radical change in my personality. There were things I could see in my life that maybe might have caused the change—but not really. More difficult things had happened earlier in my life that I had pretty much breezed through. What the heck had happened?

My First Clue

I got my first clue when my family and I decided to take a couple of weeks off up in a cabin in the mountains. We discovered when we got there that we couldn’t get cell service at all.

This really upset me at first, because I am absolutely addicted to my cell phone. I love keeping in touch with people who aren’t near me. I’m never without my phone.

But by the second day, I let it go. I was feeling okay, just relaxing. The mountain air felt good. I was getting some exercise. My husband was away from work and he was finally beginning to relax.

But then on the third day, it started to rain. Really, really started to rain. This was hard. We were all cooped up inside the cabin and the kids started getting antsy. They couldn’t use their cell phones or their tablets. They began bickering with each other and whining at me. My husband got grumpy and just retreated inside himself with a book.

Normally in these last few years, all this would have really upset me—I would have ended up blowing up at all of them. But it was strange. Now Mom was the one who was cool, centered, and emotionally calm. I sat with the kids, played endless games of monopoly with them. I cooked meals for all of us, humming and singing. My husband finally came out of his irritable mood and we all began having a really good time, laughing at silly jokes. I wasn’t even missing my cell phone.

The Power Goes Out

Then the next day, after it had continued raining all night, the power went out. At first, the kids thought this was great. The dark was exciting. We found out there had been a downed power line in the area, and there was no knowing when the electricity would come on again. Well, not a huge problem. At least we had the fire place for heat.

But the dark and the limited meals started getting old very quickly for everyone. Everyone but me, that is. I began realizing how really great I felt. It dawned on me that my body felt very calm and relaxed for the first time in a long time. And my mood was positive, happy, smooth. It was like my old personality was suddenly back. It brought tears to my eyes to finally feel like my old self again.

No Cell Phone, No Electricity

It was my husband who first hazarded a guess as to what had happened. He began noticing my good mood and relaxed body, even amidst the confusion that reigned and the extra work I had to do to fix our meals and keep the kids occupied. He said, “Maybe you’re feeling better because you can’t get on your phone and there’s no electricity.”

I laughed at first, but then stopped. He was serious.  He added, “You know, there are people who say they’re sensitive to the electromagnetic fields that come out of their wireless devices—and even to those from electricity. I think they call it ‘electromagnetic sensitivity’ or something. I’ve always thought it was all in their heads—no one I know has any trouble with those things. But maybe there’s something to it.”

I didn’t want to think about it at the time. Thoughts of having to give up my cell phone once I got home were too scary. I just went on enjoying the fact that I was currently no longer a moody person.

Moody Again

But once we got home, it all came back to me again. We had stayed at the cabin without electricity just a few more days, as it turned out—and then decided to come back home.

I didn’t notice it right away. I was busy unpacking everything and getting everyone ready for our at-home routine. I was also back talking on my cell phone, catching up with everyone since I’d been gone.

But by the time I went to bed, I suddenly realized I was snapping at my husband again. And I had been irritated with the kids when I put them to bed. My body had tensed up again—and I was feeling depressed and heavy. All that wonderful time I’d spent away from home felt like a dream that had evaporated. I was back to feeling like a prickly, moody person.

Maybe I Do Have Electromagnetic Sensitivity?

I got up the next day and decided (not without some trepidation) to research this thing called “electromagnetic sensitivity” online. To my great surprise there was a lot about it. It seemed that many people were realizing they were sensitive to electromagnetic fields. A lot of them had had to move away from cities and had given up all their wireless devices—and some couldn’t even live inside of buildings anymore.

I saw there were lots of different symptoms to the condition, besides moodiness—such as headaches and digestive and sleep problems. Suddenly, I was realizing that my husband complained often about headaches that doctors couldn’t figure out.

And my son had a lot of trouble sleeping—and my daughter had digestive problems; there were lots of foods she’s allergic to. Good heavens—could all of us have symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity?

I started panicking. No, this can’t be happening to us! How could we continue on in our lives, if this was so?

EMF Protection

Thankfully, I kept my head about me. I started searching for help around electromagnetic fields (“EMFs” they call them)—and sure enough, there was another huge, long list of companies that sell protection against them! I was so relieved.

It took a while, but long-story-short, after reading through lots of sites and finding testimonials for different products, I ended up getting a Home EMF Protection System from the company EarthCalm. I also got Quantum Cells for each of our cell phones.

I didn’t know what to expect, but they gave us a 90-day, money-back guarantee on their products, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try them out and see if anything would change for us.

Amazing Changes

The Home System has four plugs you plug in gradually over time to ease the transition for people who are electromagnetically sensitive, so it took a while before we got all the plugs plugged in.

But meanwhile, even after about a week, I noticed my moods softening. And within another week, my old easy-going self was back! I was feeling like I was back at the cabin, without my cell phone or electricity. I couldn’t believe it—it was such a relief.  

But what really hit me was what was happening to my family, as well. My husband had been popping Advil every day, I knew. He mentioned one Saturday night after he’d spent the day at home that he hadn’t had a headache all day—even after being on his cell for a couple of hours on business. We didn’t think much of it—until I remembered about the EarthCalm products.

Then about the third or fourth week, I realized my daughter wasn’t complaining about stomach aches anymore. And could it be? My son was actually sleeping through the night. Before, he had usually gotten up 2-3 times in the night, often waking us up. All this seemed too good to be true!

But it isn’t. It’s been several months now and we’re all still doing really well. My daughter still seems allergic to a few foods—but not to the whole list of them she used to be. And my son still seems to sleep soundly through the night.

And, well, now that my husband isn’t suffering from all the headaches he used to have—and since I’m no longer a moody person—he and I are getting along better too!

I had no idea that I could have had electromagnetic sensitivity. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. But am I glad I found out about it and found EarthCalm products! I’m so grateful—I’ve told all my friends and family about them.

I think there could be a lot of people out there who are sick from EMFs and they don’t even know it.


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