Are EMFs Making Your Asthma Symptoms Worse?

Suffering from asthma symptoms is challenging enough, without elements in your environment making them worse. Unfortunately, it’s now known that asthma symptoms are exacerbated by electromagnetic radiation—also known as EMFs

EMFs are generated by your electricity, computer, cell phone, router and all other wireless devices—and from all the cell towers and power lines nearby. EMFs interfere with your body’s own electromagnetic field, interrupting normal functioning in the cells, brain, nervous system, and DNA.

All this causes stress in your body—and as you probably know, stress often brings on asthma symptoms.

The Link between EMFs and Asthma

A few years back, Lloyd Morgan, Director of the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the US, noted the correlation between the dramatic rise of the incidence of asthma and that of EMF exposure in the same time period:

“In the past decade many illnesses have exhibited a troubling and baffling rise. One of the most visible and alarming is asthma…an increase of 209%. In about the same time frame…high frequency transients on the electrical wiring in buildings began increasing due to technology changes in the mid-1980s.”

The Asthma and EMF Link in Pregnant Women

pregnantwphoneMore recently, in August 2011, a research team led by Dr. D.K. Li published a study which clearly correlated asthma in children with the EMF exposure experienced by their mothers during pregnancy.

The study was conducted over a 13-year period with 626 pregnant women who were Kaiser Permanente members in the San Francisco area. During their pregnancy, each woman carried a meter gauging the amount of EMF exposure they were subjected to. Then, after birth, their children were followed to determine if Asthma symptoms began appearing in them.

The result was a statistically significant linear dose-reponse relationship between the mothers’ EMF exposure levels and the incidence of asthma in their children: Children of women who had high exposure to magnetic fields during pregnancy were at a significantly greater risk of developing asthma than those with low exposure.

Children are Especially Susceptible to EMFs

boy-inhaler-299More than anyone else, the numbers of children suffering from asthma symptoms are rising at an alarming rate. Because their immune systems are still developing, children are even more susceptible to the hazards of EMFs than adults are.


EMF Protection Can Help Relieve your Asthma Symptoms

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to get rid of all your wireless devices. EMF protection can keep you safe from the health hazards generated by all the EMFs in your environment. Over the years, EarthCalm customers have reported vast improvement in their asthma symptoms with the Home EMF Protection System.

 Learn More about the Home EMF Protection System

“With the Home Protection System, I have had no asthma all day, no headache and most of all…it is miraculous…no sinus congestion of any kind.” Petra R., Boise, ID

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