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Tired of trying to get relief from allergy symptoms through drugs and shots? There are natural allergy relief methods. In order to really find relief, however, it’s important to understand how allergies develop to begin with.

An Impaired Immune System Brings on Allergies

Essentially allergies begin with an impaired immune system. It’s true that genetics probably play a role in your being allergic, but it’s likely not the whole story. Even if other family members have allergies, if your immune system were really healthy, you would probably not become allergic.

Here’s how it works:

An allergy is an exaggerated or mistaken reaction of the immune system in response to bodily contact with a particular substance that is actually harmless to your body.

So how does the immune system come up with this exaggerated or mistaken reaction?

The immune system is the body’s organized defense mechanism against foreign invaders. Its job is to:

•    Recognize and react to foreign substances.
•    Mobilize its forces and destroy the enemy.

An important way it does its job is by creating protective proteins called “antibodies’ that are specifically targeted against foreign substances. With a healthy immune system, all usually goes well. Harmful foreign substances come in contact with the body, and the immune system sends out the antibodies to fight them.

A Weakened Immune System and Allergies

However, if your immune system has been weakened, its ability to distinguish between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” becomes impaired. It becomes hyper-vigilant and begins seeing danger everywhere. It ends up sending out way too many antibodies to fight substances, many of which aren’t even harmful.

And guess what chemical all these antibodies release? Histamine. And this over-
production of histamine is what causes almost all your symptoms.

Pills only give temporary allergy relief.So you can focus on taking anti-histamines in all their various forms—and suffering from the side-effects, including on-going financial expense. Or you can find out what has been compromising your immune system to begin with and discover natural ways to find allergy relief.

What Compromises the Immune System?

Why does the immune system become weak and impaired to begin with? Many things in our environment cause this: harmful bacteria and viruses, household chemicals, food additives, pesticides, poor drinking water. Also, certain life style choices, such as stress, lack of exercise, and not enough sleep.

Taking measures to avoid these things in your life will help enormously. You can also begin taking supplements that will help boost your immune system.

EMF Exposure Puts Stress on Your Immune System

But if you miss one thing in your environment that causes stress to your immune system, you will only be part-way successful. This one thing is your exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMFs). EMFs come from your electricity and appliances—and also from all your wireless devices, such as cell and wireless phones, Wi-Fi and computers—and also from cell towers and high power lines.

Here’s what happens when you’re around EMFs:

  • Your body sees EMFs as a foreign enemy and immediately creates subliminal stress in your nervous system.
  • For a time, this stress shuts down the flow of blood and oxygen to all but your major organs.
  • Any systems that aren’t necessary for fight or flight are put on hold.
  • Your blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels all increase to prepare your body for danger.

 Boost your immune system with EMF protection.

Your Immune System Sees Danger

All this is perceived by your immune system as danger and a reason to react. If you’re around huge amounts of EMFs on an on-going basis (and who isn’t these days?), your immune system is going to get worn down and compromised.

In its impaired condition, it will eventually get confused and no longer know what’s truly harmful to your body. And it will begin sending out volumes of antibodies for no reason.

And voila—you’ve got antibodies flowing through your body releasing tons of histamines, causing all your allergy symptoms.

EMF Protection Helps Protect your Immune System from Allergies

Thankfully, there’s something you can do about your EMF exposure, so your body can stop this exaggerated response to it: get EMF protection.

EarthCalm products effectively ground you into the earth’s electromagnetic field—the field Nature intended you to be in—and this protects you from the harmful effects of EMFs.  

With EMF protection, your immune system can finally relax. It will have a chance to regenerate, get stronger, and know again which foreign substances are actually harmful to your body. You may be surprised to find that pollen, dust, animal dander, foods—and all those other harmless substances that non-allergic people have no problem with—no longer cause you allergies.

EMF protection: natural allergy relief the easy way!

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