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Cell Phone Radiation Danger: What You Can Do About It

young man cell phone220Cell phone radiation danger is real.

Don’t let the telecom industry deceive you with their claim that there are no cell phone health risks.

If you check the research, you’ll find there are dozens of independent, peer-reviewed studies linking cell phone radiation with many disorders and diseases.

Cell phones and cancer are linked.

In particular, there are significant studies that directly correlate RF radiation from cell phones with brain tumors.

Studies report that:

  • The chance of developing a brain tumor goes up as much as 40% after a decade of cell phone use.
  • People are 5 times more likely to develop a brain tumor if they began using a cell phone before the age of 20.
  • People have twice the risk of developing the cancer known as “Glioma”, if they use their cell phones for half an hour a day for more than a decade.
  • People using cell phones for 2000 hours have 240% greater risk for malignant brain tumors.

Read a review of studies on mobile phones and cancer.  


The good news is you don’t have to give up your cell phone!

The cancer-cell phone connection is scary—but fear not, you can still use your cell phone.                               

You just need cell phone radiation protection.

With the severity of danger that cell phone radiation can pose, don’t settle for any inexpensive sticker, magnet, or other trinket that’s on the market today purporting to protect you.

The Quantum Cell is the most powerful cell phone radiation protection on the market today.Backed by 25 years of research and development, EarthCalm’s Quantum Cell far surpasses any other cell phone protection product on the market.

Utilizing Living Earth Technology, the Quantum Cell doesn’t simply block the hazardous cloud of radiation from your phone; it transforms it into a beneficial, healing field of protection around you.             


“I have been absolutely 100% free from headaches! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that anything could work so drastically in such a short amount of time.” Rena W., CA


Cancer isn’t the only Cell Phone Health Risk

Headaches, fatigue and loss of concentration are other cell phone health risks that have been documented.

Recent studies have also correlated RF radiation from c with:

 Pregnant women are very vulnerable when using a cell phone.


Children and Cell Phones

babies are very vulnerable on cell phonesCell phone health risks especially affect children, as their skulls are thinner and their brains and nervous systems are still developing.

Brain cancer has now surpassed leukemia as the number one cancer killing children, and many scientists believe this is directly linked to the exponential increases in cell phone use and other wireless devices in the lives of all families.

Read more on children and cell phone health risks.


Feel the Healing Energy of the Earth’s Electromagnetic Field

  Cell phone radiation pulls you out of the earth’s electromagnetic field. EarthCalm technology pulls you back into it, restoring to your body all the healing energies the earth is naturally designed to provide.


 “I can feel that the radiation from my phone is actually transformed into beneficial energy which surrounds me like a cocoon.”  Olivia W., RN, TX




Complete and Statistically-Significant Reversal of the Harmful Effect of
Cell Phone Radiation on Human DNA

A new research study by Glen Rein PhD of Quantum Biology Research tested the effects of RF radiation from cell phones on human DNA, both with and without the Quantum Cell attached to the phone.

Using an iPhone3 in both standby and receiving modes, the study showed that when a Quantum Cell was attached to the phone, the radiation no longer inhibited the electrical conductivity of DNA as it had without the Quantum Cell, indicating a complete and statistically significant reversal of the harmful effect of the cell phone. The results also indicated that placing the Quantum Cell on the cell phone in standby mode not only brought conductivity values back to control values, but further increased them by nearly 40% above normal. Read full report.

* * * * * *


The Quantum Cell has been independently tested and awarded
the IIREC Seal

EarthCalm’s Quantum Cell has been independently tested against EMFs and proven effective in restoring — and in some cases, improving — the body’s natural, healthy balance.

The testing was done by the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC), a government–funded research institute in Austria. The IIREC is a world-renowned authority on EMF research and testing of EMF protection devices. EarthCalm was awarded with its seal of approval. For details, see full report.


 Cell Phone Radiation Danger Exposed

  Two books have come out in the last two years, exposing the serious nature of RF radiation danger from cell phones. In Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn’t be Your Alarm Clock, by Ann Louise Gittleman, we learn that we are surrounded by hazardous electronic pollution day and night, at a rate that is 100 million times greater than what our grandparents faced. Dr. Gittleman identifies the specific health concerns caused by this kind of radiation danger.


 In Disconnect: The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation, Dr. Devra Davis presents an explosive expose of how cell phone radiation damages brain cells, especially in children. Davis, formerly with the National Academy of Scientists, believes that cell phone radiation is a “national emergency.” In chilling detail, she describes the industry’s efforts to suppress research:

“Many of those engaged in efforts to study cell phone radiation have…made up their minds in advance. The fact that ready money has been there to support those who cast doubt on the dangers of radio-frequency radiation certainly plays some role in the perpetuation of their views, as it did with tobacco, asbestos, and hormone replacement therapy.”


Still Not Convinced about cell phone health risks?

Listen to Dr. Martin Blank speak about dangers of cell phones, cell towers and associated health effects that can lead to cancer.

Listen to press conference of International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concerning cell phone radiation dangers.

FCC Standards are Way out of Date

 Mother and daughter on cell phones are both vulnerable.Set back in 1996, FCC standards for wireless devices were based on studies with healthy 6’2”, 220 lbs men exposed to RF radiation for short periods of time.This is very different from the situation with cell phones today, in which people—including women, children and people in fragile health—are frequently on cell phones for hours a day.

Furthermore, cell phones in 1996 were very different from those used today. And, very importantly, the kind of radiation damage tested for was thermal—not the non-thermal kind that the researchers today who are concerned about health risks are focusing on.

Cell Phone Right to Know Act

Finally, the US government is taking notice of the research on cell phone radiation. There is currently a bill in Congress, called the “Cell Phone Right to Know Act” that would require that warning labels be placed on cell phones, warning consumers of radiation dangers. It would also start a research program to study cell phone radiation levels, along with requiring the FCC to update its standards.


Why wait for the government to finally regulate
cell phone safety standards?

The Quantum Cell creates a protection field of 5' around you.Be smart and protect yourself TODAY.

Attach a Quantum Cell to your phone and feel the relaxation and sense of well-being that comes when you are grounded into the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

And know you no longer need to be concerned about cell phone radiation danger.



“I had never been able to even pick up a cell phone before, but now with the Quantum Cell, I can finally use one!”  Amy F., IA


EarthCalm’s Guarantee

All EarthCalm products offer a 90-day, money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, send it back, no questions asked!

Why take chances with your health? Use the Quantum Cell to eliminate cell phone radiation danger and cell phone health risks.

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