Autism & EMFs:
Could EMFs be a Cause of your Child’s Autism?

It’s scary to think about if you’re a parent or parent-to-be: Could the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your home from your cell phones, laptops and other wireless gadgets be helping to develop autism or an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in your child?

According to recent research, this should be a concern.

Autism on the Rise

Twenty-five years ago, the incidence of autism in the US was one 1 in 100,000.

As of 2009, data in the US showed that the odds that an infant would develop some form of ASD were 1 in 63. And if you had a boy, the chances were 1 in 38. A similar British study put the overall U.K. rate at 1 in 83.

In 2011, a study was done in So. Korea using a broader population that included children in regular classrooms as well as those in special ed classes. Findings in this study suggested that 1 in 38 children (not just boys) had some form of ADS.

What is going on?!

Possible Causes of Autism

First, it must be pointed out that the more recent studies are now including children experiencing many degrees of autistic spectrum disorder, including the mildest form known as Asperger’s Disease, which they didn’t include twenty-five years ago. So the numbers are naturally higher.

But that much higher? According to many researchers, this doesn’t fully explain the explosion of the numbers.

Scientists have traditionally focused on genetics as a major cause of autism. Then, at one point, researchers began shifting their focus to environmental factors, such as pesticides, viruses and chemicals in household products.

More recently, research began focusing on the fact that children with autism and ASD typically have heavy metal toxicity and overwhelmed detoxification pathways.  So the question arose as to which toxins are especially hard to release—and very importantly, why autistic children have overwhelmed pathways of detoxification.

It was determined that mercury and other metals such as aluminum were among the most difficult toxins for children with autism to release from their bodies. And the major route of exposure to mercury seems to be from vaccines.

Childhood Vaccines

Recent studies of the effects of vaccines on children have in fact caused a great deal of controversy, as significant correlations are being made between the vaccines and autism.

There are two theories. One states that the MMR vaccine causes intestinal problems that may lead to the development of autism. The other points to the mercury-based preservative, Thimersol, which appears to be associated with autism. The Hepatitis B vaccine commonly given to children includes 25 micrograms of mercury containing thimerosal.

In 1992, only 8 percent of infant children received the Hep B vaccine.  By 1994, the number of  Autism has been linked with vaccines.children receiving the vaccine reached 27 percent. And by 1996, the Hep B coverage rate rose to 82 percent.

So it may be that vaccines are the culprit. But the question remains: why are the children’s bodies unable to release the heavy metals? Why are their detoxification pathways overwhelmed?

  EMFs: A Cause of Autism

This is where EMFs come into the picture. Important studies on the subject have found that EMFs may be a cause of Autism, as they play an important role in overwhelming toxin pathways. (They are, actually, instrumental in helping to cause a number of different diseases, as well as ADS).

As we all know, the technological revolution has exploded in recent years, creating dense electromagnetic smog in all our homes, in schools, and just about everywhere in public. They flood our environment with the ever-rising number of cell and DECT cordless phones, wireless routers, cell towers, and wireless devices and games.

And all this is on top of the EMFs that come simply from electricity and electrical appliances.

Rise of Autism Matches Rise in Children’s EMF Exposure

It was natural for researchers at some point to begin questioning whether the explosion in the amount of electrosmog in our environment had any relationship to the explosion in the number of children with ADS.

This chart shows how well the rise of both ADS and technology in the last 35 years match:

   Autism and RF chart shows the link between the two.

Data from and various exposure measurement assessments.

Research on the Autism-EMF Connection

Two important studies have been conducted correlating EMF exposure with Autism.

In 2007, Tamara Mariera and Georg Carlo conducted a study to assess the role of EMFs from wireless devices in the etiology and treatment of autism. The findings of this study suggest a significant role of EMFs in both the etiology and the impeded efficacy of therapeutic interventions.

 Autism has been linked to EMF exposure in the sleeping environment.Another study was performed by Dietrich Klinghardt, director of the Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology in Seattle.

The study strongly suggests that the electromagnetic environment in the sleeping area of the mother during pregnancy, as well as that in the sleeping environment of the children, may be contributing, if not causal, factors in neurological impairments in children, including autism.

Dr. Klinghardt states:

 “electromagnetic radiation in the sleeping environment of the mothers during pregnancy, as well as electromagnetic radiation in the sleeping environment of children, may be a key contributing factor—if not a causative one—in neurological impairments in children including autism…”

These studies were among numerous others cited in the Bionitiative Report (recently updated in 2014) on the health effects of EMFs. The chapter on autism in the report includes over 550 citations.

 What to Do?

If you are a new parent or a parent-to-be, this news about the correlation between autism and EMFs can be frightening. It’s understandable, especially if you fully enjoy and depend on your radiation-producing cell phone, laptop, and other wireless devices.

Of course, it’s possible to cut down on the EMF exposure you and your children are living in: you can get land phones and wired computers and stay away from all electronics; you can move as far away from cell towers and power lines as possible. Or you can paint your walls black and get grounding pads. But for most people, this is much too complicated. Also you can no longer get away from WiFi or cell towers anymore, even if you wanted to.

So what can you do?

EMF Protection

The only realistic option is to get EMF protection. Due to the current flurry of scientific research studies on a wide variety of health effects correlated with EMF exposure, many companies have emerged selling EMF protection devices.

It’s important, however—especially if you’re wanting more than something that will mildly reduce your exposure—to search for a company that has been in business for a while and has technology with significant research behind it.

EarthCalm InfinityEarthCalm is one such company, resting on 30 years of product research and development, along with comprehensive independent research. EarthCalm’s reviews are also impressive. EarthCalm’s Infinity Home EMF Protection System offers the best solution for protecting your family from EMFs. It protects people in every room of your home.

A Grateful Mother Writes about her Son’s Response to EarthCalm Products

“My son Jamie has been described by educators, child development specialists, social workers, and mental health professionals as Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Negative Attention-Seeking Personality Disorder, Gifted with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, ADD, ADHD and High Functioning Autism-Asperger’s Syndrome. Based on my understanding, all these labels were appropriate.

Prior to my introducing EarthCalm products, Jamie received many years of professional help and underwent various therapies, with no appreciable changes; problem situations and behaviors became increasingly more frequent and more serious in nature as he approached his teen years.

“Jamie was 14 when I introduced the EarthCalm Infinity Home System. When the base was installed, he noticed within minutes that something in the home was having an effect on him. He asked me what was in the house that made him feel “slowed down” and asked me to validate his “slowed down speech” and stuttering. He was in fact speaking normally and not stuttering. His words expressed serious concern; however, he was unusually calm.

“Within the first 3 weeks of using the EarthCalm Home System, and for 3 consecutive days, Jamie put himself to bed at 5:30 pm and slept through to 8:30 am the next day.  A few days later, it seemed like Jamie transformed from a lion into a lamb. His communication showed increasingly greater maturity and composure. He began to show improved emotional self control, co-operation and compliance together with improved understanding and consideration for other people’s feelings.

“After completing adjustment to the Infinity Home System, Jamie wore an EarthCalm Nova Resonator, and about 2 weeks later started a new school year with students and staff, a rotating timetable and activities that were all new to him. Adapting to new situations and new individuals was previously  problematic; however, Jamie adapted to the new school with remarkable ease.

“Within the fist several months of using the EarthCalm products, I noticed many changes that resulted from Jamie relating better to others with understanding of the consequences and impact of his words and behavior. He formed friendships for the first time, and had a large group of friends from varied social circles.  He developed positive relationships with teachers and became a much more productive and responsible student. Also for the first time, he was successfully navigating his way with road maps using the local bus service.

“Over the past several years Jamie has been supported by the use of all of the products EarthCalm manufactures. I am convinced use of the EarthCalm products helped Jamie develop improved self control, more positive interaction skills and a more effective cognitive-based approach to life’s demands. He is much happier and shows greater self-confidence. The change in his cognitive abilities was reflected in his school grades. In the years prior to introducing EarthCalm products, Jamie’s grades had tumbled to near failing. With the use of EarthCalm products, his grades improved such that by the 4th year of use, his grades were mostly in the range of A+.

“He has recently graduated University attaining a Bachelor’s degree, while also working in sales and supervisory positions. Jamie credits EarthCalm for his successes and explained that they helped him think clearer and made learning easier.

“I am deeply grateful to you Jean for the benefits and accomplishments my son has realized from using your inventions.” Leah Kerm, Toronto, Canada

 * * * * * * *

“Years ago, when my autistic son first put on an EarthCalm Nova Resonator, he immediately felt better, more grounded.  He wore it for many years.  Now that we’re using EarthCalm’s upgraded products, I have noticed that Mike seems just simply more there.  He notices what is going on around him more and responds with more empathy and consideration to others.”
C. W. Prescott, AZ

A common report that other parents give is that their children sleep more soundly with the Infinity and are more alert in the daytime.

It’s important to take heed of all the recent research on autism and protect your children as best you can with EMF protection. (And protect yourself, as well, while you’re at it, from the wide variety of symptoms and other diseases EMFs have also been linked to.)

Read more about children and EMFs as a cause of autism.



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