Dirty Electricity and Electrosmog
Filters are not Enough

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Dirty electricity a type of electrosmog, referring to the use of voltage shifts in many energy-efficient electronic devices, such as dimmer switches, computers, and fluorescent lights.

These types of devices shift the voltage in the AC wiring in your home, creating high frequency spikes in your electricity that cause a number of health hazards, such as headaches, anxiety, and sleep disorders.


EMF Filters are not Enough to Protect you from EMFs   

There are filters on the market designed to reduce these spikes to eliminate the dirty electricity in a home. These are helpful to a certain extent (See Note below)—but they are not enough to ensure your safety from the hazards of man-made EMFs.

Even “Clean Electricity” is Hazardous to Your Health

Even if dirty electricity is reduced by such filters, you are still dealing with the stress of the electro pollution that comes from all the “clean electricity” the electrical grid in your home creates, and from the radiation created by your wireless devices and by any cell towers or power lines nearby.

Filters that simply reduce dirty electricity do not protect you from the electrosmog created by all these other sources.

Dr. Martin Pall has demonstrated that voltage transients are not the cause of the harmful interaction of household electricity and the human body.  He discovered that resonance is established between 60 hz electricity and the human nervous system resulting in the disruption of Calcium metabolism. 

EarthCalm EMF Protection Products

Home EMF Protection SystemEarthCalm products protect you from the hazards of household electricity and from all wireless sources of electro pollution. They do this by amplifying resonance between the human body and the Schumann Resonance, thus reducing stress reactions in your body to the electrosmog.

The EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System protects your whole family. Just one unit is needed to protect your entire home from all electrosmog, no matter how large your home is.


Note: We do recommend the use of filters, along with the Home EMF Protection System, to further reduce dirty electricity.  Dirty electricity is responsible for perhaps 15% of the stress generated by household electricity. If you think you may be Electrosensitive this is well worth the investment.  We have found the Satvic filters to be among the best.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All EarthCalm products have a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Protect yourself today not only from dirty electricity, but from ALL forms of electrosmog.



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