Easy Ways to Decrease your EMF Risk

Every day, people are exposed to electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. They’re emitted from devices you probably use regularly, such as Wi-Fi enabled computers and mobile phones. Over time, some health professionals believe individuals can experience chronic problems from electromagnetic radiation exposure including:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Memory Loss  
  • Headaches
  • Sleep Problems
  • Digestive Disorders

  It’s Simple to Reduce Your EMF Risk

Understandably, you may be concerned about the adverse effects EMFs could have on your life, but don’t feel you can realistically stop using the devices that could contribute to issues. The tips below let you avoid exposure without making huge lifestyle changes.

Move Your Bed Away From Electrical Outlets

EMF Protection can help improve your sleep and energy levels Slumber is a sanctuary for your body after the stresses of a day. However, your bedroom can also be a place that has a higher than average quantity of EMFs.

Be proactive by moving your bed at least 3-6 feet away from electrical outlets. Also, make sure to turn off all electronic devices, such as computers, iPads and phones.           

Unplug All Electronics When Possible

For practical reasons, you may want to keep your electronic devices turned off but plugged in during the night. Usually, that allows the battery to charge even if a device is not functioning. However, when you’re awake and able to keep a close eye on the battery level, go a step further by unplugging electronics from their outlets, and removing the respective fuses from the fusebox.

 Don’t Use Electric Blankets

Unplug appliances and devices at night to lower your EMF riskYou may unknowingly be increasing your EMF exposure by using a popular winter weather household item. Electric blankets are very convenient and certainly work well for helping people feel cozy despite chilly temperatures.

However, they emit EMFs, and should be avoided. Try using hot water bottles instead, or just add thicker conventional blankets to your beds and couches to compensate in a way that’s not potentially harmful to your health.

Get Protection from EMFs by Using Corded Phones

If you browse most electronics stores today, it’s clear the public prefers cordless phones. They’re great for helping users communicate in untethered ways, but are known transmitters of electromagnetic radiation.

Ideally, swap out the cordless phones in your home or office with corded versions. If that’s not something you can feasibly do, keep a cordless phone’s base station at least three rooms away from where people sleep. A base station that’s located a couple of feet from your head and has the phone plugged into it can disrupt your heart rhythms, even if you’re only near it for a few minutes.

Purchase Products That Lower Your EMF Risk

People have been concerned about EMF exposure for many years. Fortunately, EarthCalm has provided EMF protection products to health-conscious individuals around the world for several decades. Options range from items that’ll protect your entire home to pendants worn around the neck that give protection from EMF if a person is in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile phone tower.

Make a smart decision to protect yourself from EMF risks. Products from EarthCalm can be shipped to your doorstep after you place an order from the online store.

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4 comments on “Easy Ways to Decrease your EMF Risk
  1. Sarah says:

    I spent $350.00 on a plug in earth calm until..then I had it tested it doesn’t do anything! Now the stickers are even falling off. Where do we go from here I feel completely ripped off!!!

    Sarah Kirkpatrick

    • Jeana, Editor says:

      Hi Sarah, My first question would be how you tested the system. Our system will not affect a Gauss, Stetzer, or other meters. Our products work in a different way on your body. If you contact customer service they will however be able to help you with a return.

  2. Mary Ann Johnson says:

    What is the difference between the EMF protection system
    I bought last year and the new-looking one you are selling
    now for the home? Mary Ann Johnson

    • Jeana, Editor says:

      Hi Mary Ann, the only difference between the system you have and the current system is the casing. The design was made more compact and sleeker for our new casing however the insides remained the same.

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