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 People with electromagnetic radiation often get headaches around computers.

If you feel ill or disoriented around electric and wireless devices, you’re not alone.

You have a condition known as electromagnetic sensitivity or electrosensitivity, which causes suffering for more and more people these days.

People with electrosensitivity have a wide range of health symptoms due to exposure to EMFs (also called electromagnetic radiation).  Read more on electrosensitivity

EarthCalm’s Inventor has Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Jean Gallick, EarthCalm Inventor

Jean Gallick, EarthCalm Inventor

EarthCalm’s Inventor, Jean Gallick, has special concern for those with electromagnetic sensitivity, because she herself suffers from it. Her quest to find solutions for the unique health challenges of electromagnetic hypersensitivity led to the creation of EMF protection products that have been providing relief to thousands of people for over 30 years.

As our environment continues to be polluted with ever-increasing amounts of EMFs (from cell phones, laptops, computers, routers, etc.), Jean has continued to research and test new ideas to meet the growing need for greater protection. 

The steps below are those that Jean recommends for the most effective way to use EarthCalm products if you are electrosensitive. Each step below gives you an added layer of protection and brings you a greater sense of calm, relaxation and freedom from pain.

To some extent, EMF sensitivity affects everyone. These procedures would therefore be of great benefit to everyone, but especially to people facing any kind of immune deficiency disease or chronic health problem, such as high blood pressure, cancer, chronic headaches or fibromyalgia.


The first step is to begin with the Infinity Home System, which involves four progressive stages. This product is extremely powerful and is therefore designed to include a gentle, gradual process of adapting to its full strength.

If you have electromagnetic sensitivity, it’s important to insert the plugs very gradually, only when you’ve gotten comfortable with the strength of the power of the prior stage. If you believe you are extremely electrosensitive, call Customer Service at 800-474-2584, to see if you might do better using a special version of the Home System, designed for even more gradual adaptation to the strength of the technology.


If you’re electrosensitive, you will likely detox during this process. Because you are being grounded into the earth’s healing electromagnetic field with the Infinity Home System, your body will begin adjusting itself into a new balance after a lifetime of stressful constriction due to EMF exposure. Part of this adjustment to better health involves your body’s cleansing itself of toxins.

Electrosensitive people need to drink lots of water.The detox process can be somewhat uncomfortable (and even for a short time make you feel worse than before). Symptoms generally include dizziness, difficulty focusing, flu-like symptoms, and fatigue. But you will come out the other end of it, feeling better than before—so hang in there!

Drink lots of water and get exercise to ease the detox process. Remember, detoxing is a very good sign—it means the Home EMF Protection System is working!

In any case, do not try to “tough it out”; be gentle with yourself. Take as long as you need to in getting all the plugs in. This could take more than a month or two.

Hyper Electrosensitivity

It’s rare, but occasionally someone is so hyper electrosensitive that even the first plug is uncomfortable at first. If this happens, you can do one of two things. First, try plugging the first plug in for just a half hour and then taking it out for a while. Then plug it back in and continue till you’re comfortable leaving it there for good.

A second method is to just carry the plug around with you for awhile, perhaps in a pocket, without even plugging it in. Let your body get comfortable with it. Then try the first method.

(Note: If your Infinity Home System does not include the fourth plug — the “Update Plug” — contact Customer Service at [email protected] or 800-474-8425.) 


The Nova Resonator is the next product to use. Until you’ve plugged in all the plugs of the Infinity Home System, however, the Nova Resonator should only be worn outside your home.

If you feel too much discomfort when first wearing it, take it off and put it on every hour or so to gradually acclimate yourself to it.

After that, there’s no need to ever take it off. You’ll see that once you become used to it, you won’t want to take it off. The feeling of being grounded, calm and clear-headed just feels too good.


Some  people with electromagnetic sensitivity can use the EarthCalm products that protect against wireless radiation almost immediately, even before they’re used to the full strength of the Infinity Home System. But others need to wait before adding any more products. See what works best for you.

In any case, the next step in layering your protection against EMFs is to add the following a Quatum Cell to protect you from the radiation from your cell phones and wireless devices.

cell phone radiation protection

Quantum Cell

Attach to your cell phone and on the base of your cordless phone.


EMF protection is essential for those with electromagnetic sensitivity.
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