What EMF Exposure Looks Like and How to Protect Yourself

What does EMF Exposure Look Like?

You’ve heard all the rumors: electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, may have a negative effect on your health, the health of your family, and even the health of your family pets. While scientists are busy gathering evidence to support these claims, sometimes it can be unclear exactly what dangerous levels of EMF exposure can look like when it comes to the kinds of symptoms that this exposure causes. Here’s what you may need to look for if you suspect you or someone in your house is receiving excess EMF radiation – and here are the steps you can take to reduce the amount of EMF radiation you receive on a daily basis.

The Symptoms

Scientists and experts all over the world are still hotly debating the symptoms related to chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The problem is that so emf exposure causing sleep problemsmany of these symptoms that have been linked tentatively to EMF exposure are similar to the symptoms of other illnesses – the fatigue, muscle aches, and constant headaches of people who suffer from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines and arthritis are nearly indistinguishable from those who are suffering from EMF exposure. Likewise, neurological disorders like clinical depression, dementia, lack of concentration, and even Alzheimer’s disease all have symptoms that may be similar or interchangeable with over-exposure to EMF radiation.

The trick is to understand what the true sources are of all your illnesses, aches, pains, and cognition problems. If you’ve been tested for all sorts of more well-researched medical conditions but there’s been no confirmation by your doctors, you may want to consider the possibility that your symptoms are from EMF exposure. In some cases, there have even been correlations drawn between serious medical conditions like leukemia and even brain tumors thanks to EMF sources – especially cordless and mobile phones. Since these devices are habitually held to the ear, there exists the possibility that there may be a causative link between the two.

Protect Yourself

Unless you live like a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer, you’re likely to be awash in EMF 24 hours a day. From unshielded wiring in your home to the power lines and cell towers overhead to your wireless router or your smartphone, you’re being bathed by EMFs at levels that could be potentially dangerous to your health. If you’re one of the unlucky few that’s electromagnetically sensitive, you’re going to be in even worse shape – while many people never notice any ill effects if they’re receiving high levels of EMF, electrosensitives feel it early and often. It’s especially worse in crowded areas where everyone on your block or in your apartment complex has their own wireless Internet service, their own mobile phones, and any other such sources of EMF radiation.

protection from emf exposureIt’s a consequence of our ultra-connected modern life. No one is suggesting that you should become a Luddite and throw out all your electronics – that’s relatively absurd – but if you suspect you or a loved one is suffering from EMF exposure, you need to take steps to curb EMF emissions in your home. Sometimes just turning off your wireless router at night or shutting down the flow of electricity through your house to non-essential areas by flipping a few switches in your fuse box before going to sleep can be enough to let your body get a break from the constant bombardment of EMFs. There are also personal EMF protection devices you can purchase and install in your home – or wear on your person – that will help you live a healthier life as well.



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One comment on “What EMF Exposure Looks Like and How to Protect Yourself
  1. Jen says:

    I moved in with the love of my life who happens to live by large power lines. I have trouble sleeping, concentrating, and have pains that resemble athritis. I tested negative for such issues, but I have lost a great deal of my energy since I’ve moved in a year ago. What do you suggest? I now wear EMF protection jewlery but it’s nothing against these power lines.

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