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EMF Health Today looks at new research, articles, worldwide response, personal experiences, EMF protection products, opinions and more.

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Don’t Get Fooled by Cell Phone SAR Ratings

Searching for a phone with low SAR ratings sounds like the smart, responsible and educated thing to do—right? You’re making yourself as safe as possible, based on the common wisdom that the cautious thing to do around cell phone radiation is using a phone with the lowest SAR.   It’s understandable that you’d believe this. At one point, the FCC came out with regulations that required mobile phone manufacturers to indicate the SAR level of their phones on the package so customers could base Read more [...]

Hawaii May Be the First to Require Warnings on Cell Phone Radiation

The risks of cell phone radiation have been known by scientists since the early years of mobile phone production, but consumers are still largely unaware of the risks associated with frequent radiation exposure. Headaches, concentration difficulties and even brain tumors have been linked to mobile phone usage, posing a particular threat to children and pregnant women, but most people don’t realize this. Hawaiian senator (and professional physician) Josh Green is looking to change that by introducing Read more [...]

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Getting Past your Resistance to Doing What You Gotta Do If you’re looking for natural ways to lower your blood pressure, there are plenty of them. Actually, you’ve probably heard of most of them. But maybe you’ve had some resistance to them because they require important lifestyle changes. Who wants to change their life if it feels like it’s working in so many other ways? And who wants to cut out certain things that make life fun? But of course, your health is important, so making at Read more [...]

Maine House of Representatives Passes Cell Phone Radiation Warning Bill

On March 11, 2014, a bill regarding cell phone radiation, known as the “The Wireless Information Act”, was passed by the Maine House of Representatives. Similar to laws now requiring that cigarette packages bear warnings about lung cancer, the bill requires that prominent warnings about the dangers of cell phone radiation be plainly visible on packaging of cell phones sold retail in the state. Sponsored by Rep. Andrea Boland, the bill (originally called “The Children’s Wireless Protection Read more [...]

Bio-Tracking Apps:
Don’t Sacrifice Your Health While Trying to Monitor It

Technology is an increasingly major part of our everyday lives, and it's become pervasive in the way we work, play and even manage our health. New technologies have been developed to make it easier to monitor and record your health and medical biometrics, from blood pressure monitors on smartphones to microchips under the skin carrying your relevant medical history. While the benefits of these devices are understandable, you should be careful not to put yourself at risk while trying to do the best Read more [...]

Computer Headaches
What Causes Them & What You Can Do

  Computer headaches are common these days. In fact, computers may be one of the main causes of chronic headaches in today’s world. There are three major reasons why: eyestrain, poor posture, and EMF exposure. Eyestrain Causes Headaches Eyestrain is a common cause of computer headaches, mainly due to the constant staring аnd focusing involved. Whеnever you work a set of muscles (like those in your eyes) fоr а long period оf time, they are eventually gоіng tо gеt tired аnd start Read more [...]

Dealing with Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms?

If you have Chronic Lyme disease symptoms and feel discouraged by your lack of recovery from them, you’re in good company. Increasing numbers of people are being diagnosed with the disease and are not getting well. Similar to the popular diagnoses of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia in past decades—catch-all terms for conditions not well-understood—the diagnosis of Chronic Lyme disease is now being given to people with a similar spectrum of unexplainable symptoms. It has been called the “new Read more [...]

Worried about Short-Term Memory Loss?
Causes and What to Do.

Experiencing short-term memory loss can be frightening when you first begin experiencing it. You walk into a room and suddenly stop, wondering why you’ve come into the room. Or you were just thinking two minutes ago about an important item you need to get at the store, and now any idea of what it was has simply vanished. And yet you can remember with total clarity your fourth grade teacher’s name and her strange hairdo. What the heck?! It can be confusing and irritating. And it can make you Read more [...]

How to Help Your Child with ADHD to Sleep

  If your child has ADHD, you know what a nightmare bedtime can be. Especially if you want to use a natural treatment for ADHD, rather than resorting to the usual drugs for ADHD or a sleeping medication. Fortunately, there are some things you can do that will help your child fall and stay asleep without medication. It may take a while to be fully successful with these techniques, but they will help in the long run.   Here are some things you can do: 1. Decide on a set schedule and Read more [...]

Can’t Get Pregnant?
Are Your Husband’s Cell Phone and Laptop to Blame?

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant and doctors can’t say why—here’s information that may shed light on your situation:   Researchers are finding a link between low sperm count and exposure to radiation from cell phones and laptops. Most research studies on low sperm count in the past focused on medical conditions, such as sperm duct defects, chromosome defects, and hormone imbalances. At some point, researchers began looking at environmental causes, such as alcohol, medications Read more [...]

The Lowdown on Laptop Temperature and Radiation Risks

by Zeke Iddon For most people, a good laptop is an essential part of living in an increasingly mobile (and constantly switched-on) world. But it’s not often that we stop and consider what we’re actually doing when using a laptop for its designed purpose; that is, placing a large electronic device that emits heat and radiation directly over your crotch area. When put bluntly like this it sounds like a radical practice, but this is what many of us actually do with the aptly-named device (and Read more [...]

Childhood Obesity
New Study Finds Link to EMF Exposure in Womb

In the past 30 years, childhood obesity in the US has more than doubled in young children and tripled in adolescents.  In 2010, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. Aside from social and psychological problems these children are likely to have, their health problems can also be serious: they’re more prone to developing cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. They’re also more likely to have prediabetes, bone and joint problems, Read more [...]

How to Avoid Brain-Fog—and help Prevent Alzheimer’s

Ever start feeling brain-fogged just when you really need to be clear and alert for something you need to do? This can be annoying (and even scary) at times. Especially when another cup of coffee doesn’t do anything to clear your head—except to maybe trigger disjointed anxiety thoughts about not being able to think clearly. Or how about those strange memory lapses that happen out of nowhere? You know, suddenly not being able to think of a word you’ve used all your life? Or walking into a Read more [...]

The Great Rise of Mobile Technology Comes With a Great Price

by Zeke Iddon It would be hard to deny that the modern world has been improved by an increased access to communication technology. Even in some of the poorest parts of our planet, mobile phones are quickly being seen as a basic commodity rather than a luxury; and everyday, portable access to the Internet has literally undermined and toppled dictatorships (as seen in the Arab Spring over the last couple of years). For the rest of us, it’s already becoming hard to remember a time in which we didn’t Read more [...]

Opting Out
Does This Really Solve the Smart Meter Problem?

  It’s taken a while, but the information is finally out—smart meter dangers are real. The companies installing them aren’t admitting this yet, but no matter. Independent research has found numerous links between smart meter radiation and serious health consequences. And there’s an overwhelming number of people across the US who’ve corroborated what this research has found. They’re reporting numerous health symptoms since they’ve had a smart meter installed in their home.   A Read more [...]

Creating the “New Earth”
How Does Electromagnetic Radiation Fit in?

By Guest Blogger, Shanti Rivers Many of us are experiencing an exciting phenomenon known as the Shift currently taking place on the planet. In this Shift, we see that a new consciousness is birthing itself, creating a “new earth” that many of us have yearned for---one filled with a sense of justice, peace, harmony with the earth, and planetary oneness. There are many exciting signs of this birth of the “new earth”. People across the planet are waking up and experiencing a new sense of Read more [...]

EarthCalm Awarded GreenPeople Seal of Approval

   Recently Green People Directory conducted a Green Assessment of EarthCalm products and  awarded EarthCalm with its seal of approval. The products were checked against stringent eco-criteria regarding ingredients, supply sources, organic or other certifications, and the effect the product has on consumers and the environment. GreenPeople Directory Since 1998, the GreenPeople Directory has helped to connect green consumers who want products and services that are sustainable, holistic Read more [...]

How to Make your Home a Headache-Free Zone

  Your home should be your sanctuary—the place you can go to fully relax and restore yourself. But what if that’s where you tend to get headaches? Many headaches are caused by things in your home you might not think of: odors, lights, noises, allergens and electromagnetic fields. The good news is all of these can be eliminated or at least toned-down.   Get Rid of Odors Even odors that are pleasant to other people can often trigger a headache in sensitive people. You may realize Read more [...]

Radiation from Cell Phones—
Is it Causing Your Exhaustion?

If you’re feeling chronically exhausted and you also spend a lot of time on your cell phone, you may want to consider the possibility that these two things are connected. It may come as a surprise to hear that radiation from cell phones can cause exhaustion—but it’s one of the many symptoms that increasing numbers of people are feeling these days since cell phones have become an essential part of their lives. It’s not surprising really, when you think of what researchers have found—that Read more [...]


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