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The Effects of EarthCalm Resonator on Heart Rate Variability and the Biofield

Lisa Tully, Phd, April 22, 2011, Energy Medicine Research Institute

Lisa Tully received her PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Tully is the founder of the Energy Medicine Research Institute (EMRI), whose primary mission is to assess the efficacy and validity of vibrational medicine technologies through clinical trials. She is well published in peer-reviewed medical journals and presents her research at international scientific conferences.

EarthCalm Summary of Report:
Based on two different technologies that assess general health and fitness this study demonstrates substantial improvements after wearing the EarthCalm Nova Resonator. The improvements in the HRV measurement are dramatic. The HRV measure extends beyond cardiovascular function–it is the best indicator of general well-being throughout the entire human body.

The significant increase in the subtle energy field after wearing EarthCalm Nova Resonator demonstrates that they greatly improve one’s energetic field related to health and well-being.


EarthCalm products are designed to protect the human nervous system from the hazards of man-made electromagnetic fields, which surround everyone. They do this by enhancing a person’s connection to the earth’s electromagnetic field, which allows the dissipation of stress producing currents.  This pilot study shows the effects of the Nova Resonator on two indicators of health-heart rate variability (HRV) and and the biofield, measured by the gas discharge visualization (GDV) camera.

These tests show that wearing the EarthCalm Nova Resonator does improve health.


Two different tests were used to assess overall health, HRV ( and GDV ( before and after wearing the EarthCalm Resonator.   Following a baseline measurement, the subject began wearing the EarthCalm Resonator and repeated measures were taken over the course of eight hours (1, 2, 4 and 8 hours).  Data is presented for the time points that produced optimal results.

Technologies Utilized

Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability refers to the beat-to-beat alterations in heart rate. It was developed over 40 years ago and has the ability to evaluate the impact of any intervention or activity and to detect the early signs of pathological development or functional disorders, which would not be revealed by routine physical examination.  Therefore, HRV is a useful assessment of the general health of an individual.  It is a quantitative assessment of the relative balance of the two branches of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which controls most physiological functions.

The algorithms used by Nerve-Express have been developed and tested for over twenty years through studies involving more than twenty thousand patients.  The algorithms generate two values that represent the physical fitness, the level of the functioning of the physiologic systems and the adaptability of the individual.

Gas Discharge Visualization

Images were taken with a GDV camera, technology developed in Russia. The images are computer generated representations of the biofield analyzed from biophoton corona discharge patterns produced by high-voltage electrophotography. The GDV assesses the subtle energy available for metabolic processes in the body. The larger the area of color around the body and the more filled in it is, the better the overall state of health.


As seen in Figure 1, wearing the EarthCalm Resonator for one hour produced a nearly two-fold improvement in the ratio of low frequency to high frequency wave patterns. This ratio indicates a reduction in the relative activity of the sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous systems after wearing the EarthCalm Resonator. A ratio number greater than one shows a parasympathetic dominance, which is a less stressed and thus a healthier state of the nervous system.

Figure 1.
The baseline low frequency to high frequency ratio is increased nearly 2-fold by wearing the EarthCalm Resonator.

As seen in Figure 2, the EarthCalm Resonator improve both the physiologic systems function and the adaptability, as measured by Nerve Express HRV equipment.  The lower the numbers, the better the score.  Both scores are improved by the EarthCalm Resonator.



Figure 2.
The overall fitness level is improved by the EarthCalm Resonator.  Both measures of fitness in this test (adaptability and level of functioning of the physiological systems) are enhanced.


As shown in Figure 3, the EarthCalm Resonator and Galaxy improve the biofield. The image on the left was taken before wearing EarthCalm Pendants and the one on the right was taken 8 hours after wearing EarthCalm Resonator.  The area of the subtle energy field increased from 22,811 to 26,952 and the biofield is stronger.  The symmetry rose from 89% to 96%., which shows increased coherence in the body and this is related to optimal bodily functions.

Figure 3.
EarthCalm Resonator improves the biofield.

 subtle energy field before EarthCalm Pendant & Nova

subtle energy field before EarthCalm Pendant & Nova

subtle energy field after EarthCalm Pendant & Nova

subtle energy field after EarthCalm Pendant & Nova


This study shows a substantial improvement with two different technologies that assess general health and fitness after wearing the EarthCalm Resonator.

The improvements in the HRV measurement are dramatic, showing that the EarthCalm Resonator increases both the overall physiological systems functions and the adaptability.

The value of the HRV measure is that it extends beyond cardiovascular function-it is the best indicator of the integrity of physiological processes in the human body and thus, general well-being.

The significant increase in the subtle energy field after wearing EarthCalm Resonator demonstrates that it greatly improves one’s energetic field related to health and well-being.

Both of these measures show that the EarthCalm Resonator has an influence on overall health and well being.  Further studies need to be conducted to explore and confirm this effect in depth.

Lisa Tully, PhD  Energy Medicine Research Institute




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