EMFs and Mold: A Deadly Combination

If you have a seriously-compromised immune system, it’s likely you can’t be around mold for any length of time, as the very smell of it makes your whole body react. 

Some people, however, are not aware of their sensitivity to mold and they continue to live with it, not realizing it is making them sick.

There are also people who are unaware that they’re sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and are not aware that their health symptoms are being caused by them.

Put these two noxious sources together—EMFs and mold—and you really get a toxic environment!

EMFs And Mold

There are several studies that have found that low-level EMF exposures found in many homes create mold growth. But perhaps the most graphic one is described in a video posted at the end of this blog by Dietrich Klinghardt, a physician known for his successful treatment of neurological illness and chronic pain with Integrative Medicine. In the video, he explains how:

  • The production of bio-toxins in mold cultures increases by more than six hundred times when exposed to cell phone radiation from a nearby cell phone tower.
  • The amount of cell phone radiation in a cubic inch of air is now several million times higher than it was ten years ago.
  • Pregnant women and women with Lyme disease are particularly sensitive to both mold and EMFs.
  •  The rise in neurodevelopmental disorders in children, including autism, is linked to increased EMF exposures.

A Simple Experiment

Dr. Klinghardt describes how a physician in Switzerland grew mold cultures under a faraday cage (a mechanism devised to keep ambient EMFs out), created out of a silver cloth. On a daily basis, he measured the mycotoxins that were produced by the molds.

Then he lifted the silver cloth, exposing the molds to the ambient electromagnetic radiation in his lab generated by the lights, his computer and the cell phone radiation coming from a nearby cell phone tower.

What he found was that the production of biotoxins in this culture increased more than 600 times. In addition, he discovered that the biotoxins produced were of a much more virulent, viscous and poisonous type. This is a common response of an organism when it feels it is being attacked.

Cell Phone Radiation Especially Hazardous

Dr. Klinghardt further explains that the amount of the cell phone radiation in our environment is millions of times higher than it was ten years ago. Also that there is significant research that’s been done on cell phone radiation, showing that it’s not safe—that there are important biological effects it produces inside the cell.

Among other things, it impacts a number of genes and may produce autism and other neurodevelopmental diseases in children.

Thus, if you add the proliferation of mold in any household to the cell phone radiation and other common sources of EMFs in a home, such as a wireless router—you have an environment that is not safe for anyone, let alone a woman who is pregnant or already suffering from something like Lyme disease.

What Can You Do?


Ways to rid your home of mold include:  

  • Fix leaks and other water problems.
  • Scrape mold off hard surfaces and clean with a strong detergent and water. (Simply spraying bleach on the mold does not work—it doesn’t kill all the mold; and even if it did, dead mold still emits poisonous mycotoxins. Bleach also exposes you to toxic fumes.)
  • Dry out the infected areas completely and increase ventilation in the room.
  • With porous surfaces like carpets or drywall, the mold cannot be removed and the item may have to be discarded. If it’s a large area, you may need to get professional help.


Protecting yourself from EMFs may take a little more effort. You can limit your time on your cell phone, your laptop and other wireless devices. You can turn off the WiFi in your home when you’re not using it. These things can certainly help, but they are not only inconvenient, they don’t really keep you safe from EMFs.

An easier solution is to find EMF protection devices that protect you from all sources of radiation. Be sure the devices are backed by research and have a good money-back guarantee.
EMFs and Mold—a deadly combination, especially if you are suffering from ill health already, or if you’re pregnant. Take steps to protect yourself and your family from both of these sources of ill health before health effects start to show up, and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress, illness and doctor bills.

Listen to Dietrich Klinghardt describe how mold and EMFs interact with each other:

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One comment on “EMFs and Mold: A Deadly Combination
  1. Frank says:

    For the layman don’t ever, ever disturb mold that is growing on surfaces in the home.
    This will lead to dislodging mold spores and these spores will go air borne and get pulled into the air return vents of the AC/heat pump unit and be spread all over the house.
    Mold needs to be treated, killed and removed in a negative pressure enclosure…along with the “re-mediator technician” wearing a respirator, eye protection and a protective suit , boots and gloves…
    So this is a job for a professional mold remediation company….
    So leave this to the professionals or end up with a mold problem that is worse than in the beginning…
    If you see, smell or expect a mold call a professional…this is nothing for the layman to be messing around with…

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