First EMF-Resistant Homes in Seattle Go on Sale

Written by guest writer Valerie M

Electrosensitives and other individuals concerned about the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on the health of their families in the Pacific Northwest have a new option when it comes to living spaces: A new housing development designed around the concept of providing EMF-resistant homes to Seattle residents.

EMF Protection from the Ground Up

Seattle-based housing developers Isola Home have created a brand-new community in the center of the city. A collection of 15 row homes known as the Vida Project, the homes have been designed with reducing the impact of EMF radiation as much as possible. All of the wiring within the house has been specifically shielded to create the first cluster of “EMF Reduced” homes within Seattle. Additionally, the homes have also incorporated what Isola calls an “EMF Quiet Zone” in the bedrooms in order to reduce the amount of EM radiation that residents are subjected to while they sleep.
Since the new housing development was unveiled in April of 2015, response has been swift. Four of the row homes have already sold, and there is high interest being expressed by locals who are in search of ways to limit their exposure to EMF emissions. The Vida community has also drawn praise from environmentally-conscious Seattle locals for its Four-Star Built Green rating, its inclusion of highly-rated Energy Star appliances and energy efficient lighting fixtures, and its conservation-minded tankless water heater system and its 0.8 gallon-per-flush toilets, to name just a few of the green amenities.

Belief in the Movement

Isola demonstrated its commitment to providing homes that are healthy places to live by allying with Lifestream Solutions, a well-known design and consulting company that deals with ways to make homes more biologically and ecologically sound. According to Lifestream chief executive Dana Stream, who spoke at length with the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog in March, limiting the amount of EMF radiation during all phases of the construction and habitation of a home is of the utmost importance.

While Stream acknowledged critics of EMF protection products and services who say that there’s little in the way of conclusive evidence when it comes to the effects of EMF exposure to human tissue, she countered with the fact that it was decades until the tobacco industry finally admitted that there was evidence that its products contributed to a myriad of health concerns such as cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other cardiac and pulmonary disorders. Stream expressed her admiration for Isola and its desire to put the health and wellness of its homeowners first.

The Effects of EMF Exposure

Even without any such “conclusive evidence,” an increasing amount of correlation has begun to emerge in the realm of electromagnetic emissions and healthpower-line-homesrs- concerns. Those who describe their condition as electrical sensitivity have reported blinding headaches, blurred vision, loss of cognition, impaired memory, increased depression and anxiety, and even blurred vision after prolonged exposure to devices like wireless routers and mobile phones that emit EMFs. Living in neighborhoods with high-tension power lines and that are in close proximity to cellular communications towers have also caused electrosensitives to seek personal EMF protection products or to look for regions that have lower ambient EMF radiation.

Additionally, many that don’t suffer from electrosensitivity but are concerned for the health of their families have been expressing increased concern with the ubiquity of devices that emit EMFs. These individuals have called for additional research to be conducted into the effects of EMF overexposure and have been vocal in their search for safe places to raise their children.


Seattle’s First EMF-Reduced Homes Debut in the Central District
Isola Homes

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One comment on “First EMF-Resistant Homes in Seattle Go on Sale
  1. Tina Quinn says:

    This is exciting news! I hope Canada becomes part of this movement!

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