Get Rid of Your Wi-Fi Headache!

Wi-Fi headaches are becoming more and more common these days, as Wi-Fi radiation continues to permeate our environment. It’s hard to get away from it.

You may not realize that the persistent headache you’ve had is a Wi-Fi headache. There are so many causes of headaches today–food we’re allergic to, dehydration, neck misalignments. And, of course, stress. It could be almost anything.

You can eliminate all these possible causes of headaches, one at a time, to see what might be causing it—but this can take a lot of time and effort.

Is it a Wi-Fi Headache?

However, it’s a very simple matter to find out it it’s WiFi that’s causing your headache. The first way is to turn the Wi-Fi off–and see what happens. But what do you do if your headache disappears when you do this? Does it mean you have to live without Wi-Fi? Could you even do that? It might mean really limiting your life.

The EarthCalm Infinity Home System

The second way to test for a Wi-Fi headache is to plug in an Infinity Home EMF Protection System at home and see what happens. This device creates magic for people with Wi-Fi headaches.

The Infinity Home System immediately converts the cloud of hazardous radiation from Wi-Fi into a protective field of grounding–which, in turn, immerses you in the earth’s electromagnetic field.                                                                                                   

What does this mean? This is the field your body is meant to live in. It’s filled with nurturing, healing, life-enhancing energy. It’s Nature’s design for you to live in this field.

What Wi-Fi Does

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi generates radiation that not only pulls you out of this natural, healing field–it also interferes with your body’s nervous system and your immune system. It creates stress hormones. It messes with your cell functioning and with your DNA.  No wonder it causes headaches! Read more on what radiation does to the body.


What People Say about the Infinity Home EMF Protection System

 Using a Torus can eliminate a WiFi headache.And no wonder the  Infinity Home EMF Protection System relieves a Wi-Fi headache: it gently draws you back into the natural field your body is meant to live and thrive in. You feel a sense of calm and relaxation begin to flow through your body. The pain in your head fades.

Many people have called us over the last couple of years since we first began producing the Torus and thanked us for it. Here’s what just a few have said:

“I was immediately struck with a powerful grounding sensation…I’ve noticed feeling more centered, focused and less hyperactivity…” Reid T., CT

I quit having chronic headaches! (A very big deal for me.)) And I wasn’t tired and fuzz-headed after a few hours at the computer.” Patrick Bell

“Within hours I felt calm, clear–headed and relaxed! The energy in the house now feels like open quiet space, as smooth as fine silk.” Patricia B., WA

 Protect yourself from laptop radiation.

Protect Yourself Away from Home

If you leave home, then you can get protection from your laptop with the EarthCalm Torus attached to it. The protective field extends five feet around you. You can feel safe and headache-free.

Other Wi-Fi Symptoms

What’s more–not only are you relieving your Wi-Fi headache, you’re protecting yourself from developing a number of other common Wi-Fi symptoms as well:

  •   Digestive disorders
  •   Sleep difficulties
  •   Dizziness
  •   Depression, Anxiety

And you’re not setting yourself up to develop a serious disease down the road–many of which have now been linked with radiation from Wi-Fi, cell phones, and even simply from your electrical grid. Read more on health effects from EMFs.

Free Yourself from your Wi-Fi Headaches Today

There are many causes of headaches. Do what you can to eliminate as many possible ones as possible.

But test yourself soon for Wi-Fi.  You don’t need to eliminate it in your life—you just need to protect yourself from it.

Find your way back into the Earth’s gentle healing energy once again with EarthCalm EMF protection products–and live free of Wi-Fi headaches!

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2 comments on “Get Rid of Your Wi-Fi Headache!
  1. Susan Pitcairn says:

    Devices like this do not seem to me to be the solution. It’s not that hard to install cable or use corded phones. Why take a chance, unless this device is backed by a series of independent double blind long terms tests? Even if testimonials are truthful, they could be placebo effect.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Hi Susan-
      Perhaps the ideal would be to forgo all wireless technology. But realistically that won’t happen until a better technology comes along. We love our gadgets too much. So, until then, the studies about the detrimental health effects of wifi will no doubt continue to be ignored or discredited and the debate will continue.

      More studies do need to be conducted on the efficacy of all EMF protection products. EarthCalm’s research is ongoing. While long-term studies are in the works, many people have reported the alleviation of chronic symptoms, like headaches, that they can only attribute to the use of these devices. Placebo effect? Always a possibility, even with pharmaceuticals. Their headaches gone? Definitely. The testimonies are true.

      At EarthCalm we encourage everyone to learn the facts about the dangers of EMFs, make their own decisions, and trust the wisdom of the their individual experience.

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