Chronic Daily Headaches and EMFS

Technology may be causing your constant headaches!

All your appliances and wireless devices, and even your electricity, bombard you daily with dangerous electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that create stress hormones, break DNA strands and erode your immune system.

They may be also causing your chronic headaches.

Hidden Dangers of Electricity

 Electricity can cause chronic headaches.The introduction of electricity in people’s homes back in the first half of the 20th century was like introducing a “Trojan horse” into everyone’s environment. The health impact has been huge.

In 2009, Sam Milham, MD, published a study that demonstrated an alarming link between electrification in US homes in the 20th century and deaths from the so-called “plagues of civilization”: heart disease, diabetes and depression (including suicide).

In 2013, Dr M.L. Pall published an article demonstrating that EMFs have a non-thermal chemical impact on our cell biology: They knock the calcium ions in our cells out of their proper biological function, which includes creating calmness and balance. This leads to chronic oxidative stress and DNA breakage and impacts potassium ions which regulate brain function, and lithium ions which regulate mental stability.

Get Natural Relief from your Constant Headaches with EMF Protection


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There are many ways the body cries out for help. One way is with headaches. If you have chronic stress headaches, your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.

Why wait for a more serious condition to manifest? Reduce the cause of the problem and get immediate relief with the Infinity Home System—a natural remedy for constant headaches caused by EMFs.

Backed by 30 years of research and testing, EarthCalm’s Living Earth Technology provides ongoing protection for everyone in your home.

Treat yourself today to a new life without chronic daily headaches!

“It wasn’t until months later that I realized I have significantly fewer headaches than before. Thanks!”   S.A., CA   


The Link Between Headaches and EMFs

Jean GallickJeanne Gallick, inventor of EarthCalm products, suffered for many years from chronic daily headaches and environmental illness. After years of studying the causes of headaches, nothing made a difference until after she recognized the link between headaches and EMFs—and she began creating EarthCalm products.

Now her headaches have disappeared and her body also responds to many other healing therapies much more successfully. Today, thousands of others have experienced this same response.

 Interview with Jean Gallick

Listen to Jean in conversation with Radio Interviewer Les Paul, who found unbelievable relief from headaches with the Infinity Home System.



Independently Tested and Awarded Seal of Approval  

 The Home EMF Protection System has been tested and proven effective against EMF exposure.EarthCalm’s Infinity Home System has been independently tested against EMFs and proven effective in restoring — and in some cases, improving — the body’s natural, healthy balance.
The testing was done by the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC), a government–funded research institute in Austria. The IIREC is a world-renowned authority on EMF research and testing of EMF protection devices. EarthCalm was awarded with its seal of approval. For details, see full report.
Learn more about EarthCalm’s revolutionary Living Earth Technology. 

“Since I’ve installed the Home EMF Protection System I no longer experience daily headaches.”  Marla Deatherage, CA

Why Live one more Day with your Chronic Daily Headaches?


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The Infinit Home System addresses the problem at the core: your sensitivity to EMFs. Giving you quick and overall relief from headaches, it also strengthens your immune system over time.  

90-day money-back guarantee! Try it and see for yourself how your headaches will diminish and then disappear.

Chronic headaches and EMFs are definitely linked — EMF exposure is an important cause of headaches. But EMF protection can put an end to your daily chronic headaches. The Infinity provides prompt, natural relief for constant headaches.


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