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Living Near Power Lines:
RF Radiation Health Risks You Can Avoid

 Living near power lines is dangerous.Worried that living near power lines is dangerous?

You’ve good reason to be. Scientific research over the past 30 years has shown there are serious health risks for those who live close to power lines.

Power lines emit high levels of Radio Frequency radiation (RF), a serious type of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  Exposure to EMFs interferes with cell functioning, break DNA strands, and erode the immune system. These biological irregularities cause initial symptoms such as:

Headaches can be caused by power lines.

  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • digestive disorders

These symptoms may develop into more serious diseases, especially in children, pregnant women and the elderly. 


Research on Power Lines Health Risks

Power Lines and Cancer

In 2008, R.M. Lowenthal in Hobart, Australia, conducted a research study focusing on the incidence of cancer and exposure to RF radiation from high power lines. Results showed that the risk of developing cancer increased by 106% for people who lived within 50 meters of a power line, as compared to those who lived 300 meters away. 

Power Lines and Childhood Leukemia

One of the first studies that investigated the dangers of power lines was conducted by Wertheimer & Leeper in 1979. They examined the relationship between the incidence of leukemia in children and living by power lines. Investigating the effects of EMFs on children who lived at various distances, they found that there was a higher incidence of leukemia in children who lived closest to power lines.

In 2005, the British Medical Journal published a study conducted by Dr. Gerald Draper, et al., which found that children who lived within 200 meters of a high voltage power line at birth were 70% more likely to develop childhood leukemia than those living more than 600 meters away.


Moving isn’t the only answer!

Use an EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System. If you’re like most people, you probably can’t just up and move to get away from power lines. But it’s not necessary.

The EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System protects you from the hazardous RF radiation of power lines. It works throughout your entire home, regardless of size of your home.

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Research on Power Lines and other Diseases

Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders

 The Pacific Northwest Laboratory in Washington published a study in 1988 that found that EMFs from power lines disrupted circadian rhythm cycles and altered serotonin and melatonin neurotransmitter levels—all of which cause sleep disorders and difficulty in regulating emotions, such as depression and anxiety.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Senile Dementia 

In 2008, Dr. Anke Huss, et al., conducted a study correlating power lines and the risk of death due to neurodegenerative diseases. Researchers found that there was a dose-response relation between living by power lines and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and also senile dementia.


In 2001, Dr. De-Kun Li, leading a team at Kaiser Permanent’s research division in Oakland, CA, conducted an epidemiological study which found an up to six-fold increased risk of spontaneous abortions among women living by power lines. Later, in 2002, Newsgroup Newspapers reported on a study in which it was found that 1 woman in 7 living within 25 meters of a power line suffered from spontaneous abortions; whereas, those living further than 25 meters only suffered 1 in 29.

Do we need more proof of power lines health risks?

 EMF protection is essential if you're living near power lines.Aside from the studies described above, various other studies have also been conducted over the years, correlating living by power lines with other diseases, such as breast cancer, brain cancer, and heart disease.

It’s unclear as to how much more proof of danger is needed before government authorities will act to ensure the safety of the public. Their refrain that “more data is needed before a conclusion can be drawn” is getting old. Those who are living by power lines obviously have to act on their own to protect themselves. 


Protect yourself today with the Home EMF Protection System.

 You can relax about all these health risks that living near power lines presents. Plug in an EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System and you will protect everyone in your family.

A bonus! With the Home EMF Protection System, you are also protected from the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by the electrical grid in your home and all your appliances, which are also hazardous to your health. This will greatly strengthen your immune system and calm your nervous system, so that your body is not so vulnerable to radiation to begin with. 

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Independently Tested and Approved with IIREC Seal

EarthCalm’s Home EMF Protection System has been independently tested against EMFs and proven effective in restoring–and in some cases, improving–the body’s natural, healthy balance. The testing was done by the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC), a government–funded research institute in Austria. The IIREC is a world-renowned authority on EMF research and testing of EMF protection devices. EarthCalm was awarded with its seal of approval.

IIREC researchers used two different methods to test the Home EMF Protection System. The first involved the use of a Precision Teslameter, which takes magnetic field measurements. They took 121 measurements in the Field Coherence Pattern. When a fluorescent light bulb was introduced, a disturbance in the field appeared.Then, when the Home EMF Protection System was plugged into the wall, the original field coherence pattern was restored. The negative impact of the fluorescent light bulb was completely neutralized by the Home EMF Protection System.

The second method involved the use of a Heart Variability Meter, which measures the state of stress on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. As shown in the diagrams below, the fluorescent light bulb put the subject into an unbalanced state of sympathetic nervous system dominance.When the third plug of the Home EMF Protection System was plugged in, the subject was moved dramatically up into the normal range, far above the original state before the fluorescent light bulb was introduced. For details, see full report. 

 before testing

before testing
(blue dot)

with fluorescent light bulb
(red dot)

with Home System  (red dot)

with Home EMF Protection System
(red dot)

Don’t take chances with your health!

Living near power lines presents serious health risks. But you don’t need to be concerned or think you need to move. Just plug in a Home EMF Protection System today and you can feel safe. And gain all the other benefits the Home System offers you–including protecting you from your Smart Meter!

   Reg. Price: $329   Sale Price: $296


90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You have nothing to lose: All EarthCalm products have a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. No questions asked. Try a Home EMF Protection System and see for yourself.Use EarthCalm EMF protection if you’re living near power lines. Health comes first! 


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