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 Why a Home EMF Protection System is Essential for your Health

More and more people in recent decades are experiencing unexplained health symptoms, immune system disorders, and serious diseases due to electromagnetic radiation. Many of them are connected to exposure to wireless devices, WiFi and cell towers.  Electricity and all appliances also emit hazardous electromagnetic fields that contribute to these health conditions, because they wear down your immune system and disrupt cell functioning.

Hidden Dangers of Electricity

 EMFs from your electricity are hazardous to your health.The introduction of electricity in people’s homes back in the first half of the 20th century was like introducing a “Trojan horse” into everyone’s environment. The health impact has been huge.

In 2009, Epidemiologist, Sam Milham, published a study that demonstrated an alarming link between electrification in US homes in the 20th century and deaths from the so-called “plagues of civilization”: heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression (including suicide).

In 2013, Dr M.L. Pall published an article demonstrating that EMFs have a non-thermal chemical impact on our cell biology: They knock the calcium ions in our cells out of their proper biological function, which includes creating calmness and balance. This leads to chronic oxidative stress and DNA breakage and impacts potassium ions which regulate brain function, and lithium ions which regulate mental stability.

Customers with the Home EMF Protection System report:

  • fewer colds and flus
  • enhanced alertness
  • sounder sleep
  • increased energy
  • a sense of greater calm & well-being
  Families stay healthy with home EMF protection.

“Moments after I plugged the device into one of the outlets in my home, I felt myself breathing more deeply than I had been – a sense of my lungs and entire ribcage area opening, as though some long-held tension had just been released. With this came a sweet feeling of contentment, ease and happiness.”  Elizabeth Reninger, Boulder, CO



home-emf-protection-systemPlug the Home EMF Protection System into any outlet in your home and it will protect you in every room equally, regardless of square footage. No moving parts—it lasts indefinitely.

It protects you in any house, apartment or office building you spend time in. It protects you from your electricity, all appliances, your wireless router, and all devices programmed into it. It also protects you from your smart meter and all other smart meters in your neighborhood.


Reg. Price: $329  Sale Price: $296


 This version is for electrosensitive people and those with compromised immune systems due to illness or other reasons. It has the same strength technology as the original version, but it involves ten steps, allowing for a gentle and gradual adaptation to the full strength of protection.

Note: Once you begin using this version, you will not be able to exchange it for the original version of the Home EMF Protection System and receive back the difference in price. The 90-day, money-back return policy will still be in effect, however.


Reg. Price: $379  Sale Price: $341


 How to Tell which Version of the the Home EMF Protection System
is Right for You

If you have one or more of the following symptoms, it will be easier for you to adjust to the full strength of the Home System by using the ES version:

  • You feel generally weak, dizzy or ill when you are in a field of WiFi or around wireless, electronic or electrical devices
  • You feel a burning sensation in your hands or ears when using a laptop, cell phone or tablet
  • You have a chronic illness such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue
  • You have a compromised immune system due to a serious disease or injury
  • You have multiple chronic symptoms, such as headaches, digestive problems, insomnia or mindfog
  • You catch frequent colds and flus


“I used to be sick all the time with chronic sinus infections and bad headaches ALL the TIME. So I am so grateful to you for developing such a great product…” Devida D.

 * * *

A week after installing the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System I took my blood pressure, which has been averaging 140/88 (on medications) and 160′s/90′s (off meds), with intermittently higher readings. I thought the machine was experiencing an error when it measured my BP at 115/78. I haven’t seen such a low reading for several years!”
BH, MD, Austin TX


Protection Against Smart Meters

 Smart Meter radiation protection is important.It’s not just your own smart meter that’s a problem! You’re being impacted by the field of microwave radiation coming from the whole network of smart meters in your neighborhood.

Living near all these smart meters is like living very close to a cell tower or power lines. So opting out or placing a protective cap on your own smart meter will only protect you to a small degree—you’ll still be dealing with the radiation from all your neighbors’ smart meters. The Home EMF Protection System gives you protection from all Smart Meters that are impacting you.

Note: For full EMF protection in your life—including personal protection and protection from your WiFi radiation and cell phone radiation—check out our complete EMF protection product line.


Independently Tested and Awarded IIREC Seal

EarthCalm emf products proven effective awarded the seal of approval
EarthCalm’s Home EMF Protection System has been independently tested against EMFs and proven effective in restoring — and in some cases, improving — the body’s natural, healthy balance.

The testing was done by the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC), a government–funded research institute in Austria. The IIREC is a world-renowned authority on EMF research and testing of EMF protection devices. EarthCalm was awarded with its seal of approval.

IIREC researchers used two different methods to test the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System. The first involved the use of a Precision Teslameter, which takes magnetic field measurements. They took 121 measurements in the Field Coherence Pattern. When simulated geopathic stress was introduced, a disturbance in the field appeared.

Then, when the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System was introduced, the original field coherence pattern was restored. The negative impact of the geopathic stress was completely neutralized by the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System .

The second method involved the use of a Heart Variability Meter, which measures the state of stress on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. As shown in the diagrams below, the geopathic stress put the subject into the range of nervous system exhaustion.

When the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System was introduced, the meter showed movement up into the normal range, even above the original state before the geopathic stress was introduced, i.e., the Home System not only restored the subject to her original state, but improved it. For details, see full report.

before testing  blue dot

before testing
blue dot

with geopathic stress  (red dot)

with geopathic stress
(red dot)

with Home System  (red dot)

with Home System
(red dot)

Quality of Life Research Study

A Quality of Life study showed the Home EMF Protection System significantly improved a number of Quality of Life indicators…Respondents consistently reported improvement in their perceived level of energy as well as decreased stress, fatigue and improved sleep.

Other body symptoms such as body aches, pain, numbness and tingling in extremities, cardiac irregularities, gastrointestinal distress and skin rashes also showed overall improvement. The significant improvements in mental health issues and mood indicators such as feelings of elation, focus and concentration, serenity and calmness also point to some of the more subtle symptoms of chronic microwave radiation stress on the body’s nervous system which adversely impacts these health indicators.  See the full report on this research study on the Home EMF Protection System, along with other reports.


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EarthCalm EMF Protection Technology

EarthCalm products use revolutionary Living Earth Technology to protect you from EMF exposure. Proprietary geometric circuits, which mirror the structure of the earth’s electromagnetic field, amplify your resonance with the earth—thus giving you the ultimate in EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation.

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Customers with the Home EMF Protection System report:


Reg. Price: $329
Sale Price: $296

    • fewer colds and flus
    • enhanced alertness
    • sounder sleep
    • increased energy
    • feeling of calm & well-being



Reg. Price: $379
Sale Price: $341


EarthCalm offers a 90-day, Money-Back Guarantee on all Products
(excluding shipping & handling costs)


Note: For full electromagnetic radiation protection in your life—from WiFi radiation , smart meter radiation, and cell phone radiation—check out our complete EMF protection product line


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 90-day, money-back guarantee on all products
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