I Don’t Want to Hear about Cell Phone Radiation Dangers!

I know, I know. Who wants to hear about the dangers of something we all know we can’t live without. Who would’ve thought that using something so absolutely ingenious and practical—and well, so necessary—could end up being bad for our health?

Cell Phone Studies Don’t All Agree

Surely all those studies showing harmful health effects of cell phone radiation must be wrong—not all of the studies show it’s bad for us, right? Some of them say there’s nothing to be worried about. There’s no conclusive “proof” that cell phone radiation is harmful to us.

That’s right. There are some that do say this. But have you checked into most of them? If you follow the money, you’ll find out that the telecom industry has funded a good number of them. Surprise, surprise.

And then, if you really research many of these studies, you can also find that independent scientists have discovered significant flaws in the methodology used, rendering their conclusions, at best, unreliable.

Then, of course, there’s the mountain of scientific research out there concluding that cell phone radiation is harmful to us, correlating it with dozens of health symptoms and very serious diseases.  Even if there were just a few studies showing these correlations, shouldn’t that give us pause? Why take chances with brain cancer?

The Government Would be Doing Something, Right?

Well, you might say—wouldn’t the government have done something about it by this time, if the radiation really was harmful? Hmmm…remember tobacco? What about asbestos? How long did it take for the government to act on those harmful substances?

I’ve read that the telecom industry lobby in Washington is now even larger than the pharmaceutical lobby. Enough said.

But the FCC says Cell Phones are Safe

But the FCC, you might persist, tested them and said the radiation level was safe. Yep, it did. Back in 1996, that is—long before present-day cell phones even existed. And before millions of people, including children, began using them for hours a day on a daily basis.

Also, the testing model the FCC used was based on 6’2” men, weighing 220 lbs. Not exactly our average person using cell phones today, is it?

And besides, the only kind of testing the FCC did was on thermal effects of cell phone radiation. And all the scientists warning of cell phone dangers are talking about non-thermal effects.

Was this testing even relevant to today’s reality of cell phone use? 

To give the government credit, it’s true that finally, finally, the whole question of cell phone safety is up before Congress. Part of the bill provides that the FCC retest the health effects of cell phone radiation.

But we all know how long that might take. Meanwhile, we have our cell phones. And we need (well, I guess it’s actually that we want) to use them. So what can we do?

One thing that can at least help is getting cell phone radiation protection. Find a product that you can trust–one with testimonials and research backing it up. And use your cell phone wisely.






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