Is the Newest Wireless Charging Technology Safe?

There’s a new wireless charging technology breakthrough, courtesy of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) – but is this new charging method as safe as KAIST says it is?

We’re already familiar with the types of wireless charging technologies out there, as they usually involve placing a mobile device like a mobile phone or a tablet directly on a specially designed pad that transfers electricity through contact. However, the new tech produced by KAIST takes this one step farther – now you don’t have to actually have your device touching the charging pad to recharge its batteries – your device just has to be anywhere between a foot and a half to three feet away from the base station to provide a charge.

Supposedly Safe

KAIST says that its wireless charging technology is completely safe and that it complies with the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation

series of power lines

Protection’s guidelines of 27 microteslas of magnetic energy. This is all well and good, but there’s little known about the effects of non-ionizing radiation on the human body as it is. Many scientists have raised concerns about how electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions influence the human body over long periods of time – even at lower levels that are supposedly safe – and there’s little in the way of international accord on what’s an acceptable level of exposure and what’s not.

Before the advent of this new wireless charging technology, the majority of EMF exposure to humans came from mobile devices directly thanks to Wi-Fi and cellular technologies. Now, we’re throwing a new and relatively untested source of EMF into the mix – and while the range seems to be relatively low when it comes to charging our mobile devices, there’s not much in the way of how having yet another source of EMF radiation in the home is going to affect the overall health of humans – especially when it comes to the more susceptible members of a family like children or pets.

Convenience Versus Safety

KAIST has plans to commercialize the new technology, and may even begin to market it towards use in public spaces. With the new wireless charging transmitter already compatible with existing mobile devices, the applications in which these transmitters could be used are large. This includes placing them in public areas to “benefit” everyone nearby; however, no one seems to be particularly concerned with the safety of these applications when it comes to EMF radiation.

A technology man has images around his head with an abstract glow. Use it for a communication or tv concept.

If the new technology becomes adopted so widely that there’s no way of getting away from it in the public arena or in private residences, this could compound any negative health effects of EMF radiation – which could include increased bouts of anxiety and depression, persistent migraines and headaches, and the inability to concentrate or sleep. The effects on children could be even more pronounced, since their nervous systems are yet to develop fully and the size of their skulls in relation to the size of those of fully-grown adults means a child’s brain is being exposed to more EMF radiation overall.

It seems a poor trade-off of reduced safety in favor of increased convenience, but the development of this new wireless charging method could be a boon for the personal EMF protection device sector if nothing else. The market has been growing steadily as an increasing number of people around the world grow more wary of the prolonged effects of EMF on human tissue, and as technology continues to advance, the number of people concerned with unchecked EMF emissions is only going to grow.


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