Is Your Chronic Daily Headache due to Cell Phone Radiation?

Headaches. Seems like everyone gets them these days. They’re so common, we barely notice when one hits us.

We may think, Oh, too much/too little coffee…or too much/too little sleep…or hangover…or stress…or whatever. It’s to be expected in today’s world. Headaches are a part of life.

And we simply take our headache pain medication of choice, and it disappears—at least for a while. Or maybe we decide we need to go to yoga more often or meditate more. Cut down on the stress in our life. And of course, these can all help.

Chronic Daily Headaches

But what if your headache continues to be chronic, no matter what you do or change in your life? You get it every day and it never really disappears, even with pain pills? That’s when you start getting worried.

Maybe you start fantasizing in your worst moments about possibly having a brain tumor or some other deadly disease. You think you’d better go see a doctor, but then realize you’re afraid to. So you stuff your worry down and carry on with your headache-ridden life in denial.

But the headaches don’t go away.

Maybe it’s your Cell Phone

 cell phones can cause headachesIt might be simpler to solve your headache problem than you think. Many people these days are getting chronic headaches simply due to the fact that they’re exposing their heads daily to cell phone radiation.

This isn’t just speculation or fear-mongering. You’ve probably read that it’s never been “proven” that cell phone radiation is dangerous, so maybe you haven’t given it a thought. But if you look closely, you’ll see that a lot of the studies that have come to that conclusion have been funded, at least in part, by the telecom industry. Is their conclusion any surprise?

Meanwhile, there’s a huge number of independent studies that have very clearly drawn the correlation between cell phone radiation and a number of symptoms and diseases. Brain tumors are probably the most studied, but other kinds of tumors have been correlated with cell phones also.

You probably don’t have a brain tumor; but if you have chronic daily headaches and you use your cell phone at least a couple of hours a day, it’s likely they’re connected.

And your chronic headache may simply be the warning bell to stop doing what you’re doing, before things get worse.

EMF Protection

The smartest—and also easiest—thing to do is to try using EMF protection on your cell phone.  EarthCalm’s Quantum Cell will protect you from cell phone radiation. You can try it for 90 days; and if your chronic daily headaches don’t disappear, you can get your money back.


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