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Jean Gallick, EarthCalm EMF Protection Products InventorThank you for considering the purchase of an EarthCalm product. And thank you for visiting with me.

What motivated me to focus for 30 years on environmental pollution and EMF protection?

A personal problem with chronic ill health led me to explore the problem of technological pollution. I remember reading an article stating that there were higher pollution levels inside the home than outside, and this was in the early 80s when we were just starting to clean up the air. I thought to myself: I need to face this.

I had a background in experimental psychology which had taught me detailed observation and scientific  methodology–specifically how to set up a verifiable hypothesis and then to conduct an experiment that would prove or disprove the hypothesis. So I slowly began to conduct my experiments. Working on current knowledge regarding formaldehyde, perfumes, detergents, etc, I quickly found that elimination of these variables produced little improvement in my condition.

I discovered that a deeper more fundamental problem existed, namely electromagnetic fields emanating from the electricity and from microwave towers. In my attempts to locate and identify this deeper problem, I proceeded to progressively tear apart two houses before I had my first breakthrough.

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A friend recommended I read a book called Waves that Heal by Mark Clement, which summarized George Lakhovsky’s work. In the 1920s, Lakhovsky made copper oscillating circuits with which he helped many terminally ill cancer patients. I made one and wore it for about a year, and did not observe any definite improvement. However, one day I touched a silicon sphere to the copper circuit, and a bolt of energy grounded me into the earth and went up my spine and took away my headache. This was the beginning.

After countless experiments and years reading about electromagnetic fields, I slowly developed a series of six new circuits which I added to the original Lakhovsky circuit. I placed these circuits into a silver resonator tubing which I wore around my neck and also into housings that could be plugged directly into the AC current.

powerlinesI found that when I used both these devices, I experienced a dramatic increase in power.  I realized I was creating a resonant amplification. These devices became the basis of a set of products which I created and have continually improved upon over the years.  We call this technology Living Earth Technology because it is based on the multiplication of sets of 7 fundamental circuits that resonate with the earth’s electromagnetic field.

I have found over many years of manufacturing these EMF protection products, that to my great joy, many people have been helped with these products to heal themselves of migraine headaches, ADHD, arthritic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, and other depressed immune conditions.

Electromagnetic fields generated by our AC wiring system and by microwave towers create a chronic level of stress that inhibit the ease of life, robbing us of deep healing, sleep and the alertness necessary for exploration into life’s higher realms. So many people are prone to fatigue and easily fall prey to pre-programmed ideas as provided by TV and films, partly as a result of living in this artificial sea of electrical stress.  

Many people are more vulnerable to EMFs and hence have more health problems than others. Why is this so? Perhaps some people as children, unbeknownst to their parents, had higher levels of exposure to EMFs due to their bedroom being located near high tension transmission lines, cell towers, street corner locations, etc. Our scientists in the early 1900s believed that EMFs could only be a problem if they induced heat. Today we know that due to resonance effects, very low frequencies can have stress effects that over time have been linked to many immune system problems, including cancer.

mountain-lake-200Our modern society is a vast experiment in electronics with no preliminary testing on the effects of such technology on the human nervous system. Many, including myself, have suffered from a host of health problems with no clear causality. As I have discovered ways to ground myself more deeply to the electromagnetic field of the earth, my health problems have dissipated; and others too have experienced similar benefits. Our technological society has made us test cases for the effects of EMFs; so let us, you and me, be test cases for emergence out of this sea of stress and explore what life can be like on the crest of this new wave of a new age that is coming.

Recently, I have begun work on a book that talks about EMFs as the shadow side of the technological revolution and how essential it is that if we are to evolve as a species, we need to solve this problem of electricity’s shadow.

Thank you again for exploring with me the ultimate solution in EMF protection,

Jean Gallick, EarthCalm EMF Protection Products Inventor

UC Berkeley, BA 1965, in Psychology–developmental and experimental UC Santa Cruz, advanced to candidacy for PhD in History of Consciousness, with major in Philosophy

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