Living Near Power Lines: Is It dangerous?

If you’re living near power lines, it’s smart to know if there are health risks for you and your family. There are so many conflicting opinions about the safety, or hazards, of living by electrical lines that it’s hard to know what to think. None of us wants to stick our head in the sand, but neither do we want to be susceptible to runaway fear if it isn’t warranted.

Here we’ll look at the issue of power lines and health risks, symptoms, research and recommendations that will help you reach a comfortable personal decision about a course of action if you live by them.

 Power Lines and Health Risks: What are the Dangers and Symptoms?

Leukemia and cancer are the most talked about health risks of living near power lines.  Scholarly research indicates an increased risk of both, especially for children. That’s enough to get our attention. But there are also studies that show connections with breast cancer, decreased libido, fatigue, depression, birth defects, reproductive problems, heart disease, stress headaches, trouble sleeping, and many other symptoms. Yikes!

Overhead Power Line EMF Safety: If so dangerous, why aren’t they banned?

There are conflicting opinions about the safety of the electromagnetic fields generated by these lines. Reading the research can be baffling. Studies seem to produce widely divergent and contradictory results. And in our modern society, it’s impossible to account for all the many variables of lifestyle, diet, genetics, household wiring configurations, etc.

More studies are necessary: Power Line Safety Still a Question

It’s disturbing that the safety of living by high voltage lines (or any EMF exposure) can’t be proven. Research continues in an effort to find definitive answers for increased reported cases of many diseases and symptoms. Many individuals claim the ability to feel the effects in their own bodies and don’t need further confirmation.

What can you do to protection yourself and your family if you live by power lines?

If you have any concerns that the health risks are real, don’t wait for the evidence to be conclusive. Remember how many years it took to prove the dangers of tobacco and lives that were effected. Educate yourself. Learn the potential risks and symptoms associated with living near power lines.

Also, learn about products that help others in your situation.

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