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 Customer testimonials for the Omega WiFi are encouraging.Omega Wi-Fi Reviews

I felt like my computer was eating my brain–I was drained, exhausted and agitated. Within hours of plugging the Omega WiFi into my router, I felt calm, clear-headed and relaxed! I didn’t really expect to feel anything. My husband noticed feeling expansive and energized, before even knowing about the addition. It’s strange, it feels like I can almost see or touch the energy in the house now—before it was “filled with metal bits, zinging though the air”. Now it’s just open quiet space, as smooth as fine silk. Thank you, EarthCalm.”
Pat B, Austin, TX


I live on the 18th story of a highrise in downtown Chicago. Since moving in, I have had terrible difficulty getting to sleep at night. I have accounted it to the 20-plus wifi networks coming thru my apartment from other units and it did not make much of a difference whether my router was on or off. One week ago, I installed the Omega WiFi into my router and immediately felt a significant shift in the energetic space of my home. It feels much quieter and more contained, and getting to sleep at night is ten times easier. I am so relieved!

Sarah B, Chicago, IL


I recently bought the Omega WiFi. This device is SAVING my life! I work at a desk that is maybe four feet away from a professional internet router, and I used to get a headache after five minutes. The headache lasted ALL DAY, until I went home.

I take the Omega to work with me, put it on the router, then take it home and put it on my WiFi modem there. I cannot thank you enough for this, as it was excruciating to get through the day, and I am not even talking about concentration and focus!!! Of course it got better on the weekends, and away on vacation, but going to work was torture-like.
Julie B, France


Thank you SO much for your wonderful products and making them available to low-income persons. The Omega WiFi has literally saved my life. I can’t express enough gratitude to you.

I have MS and was experiencing a dull headache and bladder incontinence as a result of “smart” meters being installed on my end of town. I plugged in the Omega WiFi, and the dull headache was gone within minutes and the incontinence disappeared that day.
J.J., Chiropractor


I was feeling so headachy all the time, ever since we plugged in our wireless router. We really need it because my husband and I both work from home and our offices are on different floors. My husband felt dizzy a lot and had to take naps in the afternoon. I was skeptical about your Omega WiFi. I didn’t even tell my husband I was buying it, because I knew he wouldn’t believe it would do anything. Well, almost as soon as I plugged it in, I was aware suddenly that my chronic headache was gone. I was amazed! It was like I had entered into a whole new zone or dimension. My head was clear. My husband didn’t notice anything until the next day. But then he said, “Honey, what did you put in the coffee? I feel great today—wide awake.” I just laughed and showed him the Omega WiFi. Wireless radiation protection is all we needed.

Mariel G., Chicago, IL


I am very electro-sensitive. I feel EMF exposure instantly and start to feel uncomfortable and depressed when I’m around Wi-Fi. Plugging in the Omega WiFi and putting the Quantum Cell on my phone felt wonderful– I started to feel more relaxed, and my sleep was great. I woke up feeling I was out in the countryside when I’m actually in the middle of a city centre polluted with WiFi.
Nico L., Sweden


I’d like to start by thanking you so much for the Omega WiFi. I wasn’t completely sure what to expect when I first plugged it in, but I was immediately struck with a powerful grounding sensation, as if a new gravity had entered the room. As the days have gone by, I’ve noticed myself feeling more centered, focused, and less hyperactive than I have in many years–in a word, happier. Your product has caused me to realize that having WiFi in my home for the last decade has significantly diminished my well-being. It seems like such a no-brainer that a radio signal carrying microwave radiation throughout a person’s home would do that, but I guess when your brain is literally being microwaved each day, common sense can elude you.
Reid T., CT


In the past, I haven’t been able comfortably to work at my laptop — say, in a cafe — for more than an hour or so, before the feelings of agitation and head-achey-ness tell me it’s time to stop. Since I began using the Omega WiFi, those feelings of agitation and discomfort are all but gone. I feel energetically at ease while working at my laptop, which is no small thing.

Elizabeth Reninger, Boulder,CO (see full review)


torus85Torus Reviews

I couldn’t believe the difference in using the Torus on my laptop–my constant headaches every time I’d sit down at my computer have just disappeared!

Harmony E., CA


I quit having chronic headaches! (A very big deal for me.) And I wasn’t tired and fuzz-headed after a few hours at the computer.

Patrick Bell 

I quit having chronic headaches! (A very big deal for me.) And I wasn’t tired and fuzz-headed after a few hours at the computer.” Patrick Bell – See more at:



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