Protecting Your Pets from the Effects of EMF

Electromagnetic radiation is all around us. It’s odorless, tasteless, can’t be seen, can’t be felt, but it does have an effect on the human body. Exposure to too much EMF radiation can lead to problems like anxiety and depression, can interfere with physical body function, and has been linked to some forms of cancer by the World Health Organization.

However, it’s not just humans that are at risk to damage from EMF exposure. We’re just one species of many that inhabit the planet, and there aren’t any particular animals that have evolved high levels of resistance to EMF – it simply wasn’t necessary, since the amount of EMF radiation encountered by animals – including our primate ancestors – was never high enough to pose a threat.

Of course, this means that our very own household pets could be suffering from the same ill effects of overexposure to EMF radiation that humans can. The idea that our beloved family pets could be having their lifespans shortened simply because they live in a house with any number of EMF sources is heartbreaking for pet owners. However, just as there are ways to limit personal exposure to EMF radiation, there are ways to limit exposure to family pets like dogs, cats and other animals.

EMF is Everywhere

Electromagnetic radiation is fairly ubiquitous. If you’re got a wireless router in your home to connect your computers to the Internet or if you’re placing andemfs and houses receiving calls and texts on a mobile phone you and everyone else in your home is being bathed in EMF more or less constantly. Even the electricity running through your wiring in your house gives off EMF radiation to some degree, though modern wiring is fairly safe when it’s maintained and installed properly.

Depending on where you live, you could be exposed to even more EMF radiation. If you live in an apartment building or in a suburb where the houses are fairly close together, you’re going to get EMF radiation from everyone else in the building or on the block that has a wireless router or a mobile phone – if your laptop can detect the next-door neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal, it’s strong enough to have an effect on your body (and the body of the family pet) as well. Living close to high-tension power lines and cell towers exacerbates this even more; unless you live in the middle of nowhere out of mobile phone range in a log cabin with no electricity, you and your family are going to be exposed to at least some form of EMF.

Protecting Your Pets

It actually doesn’t take that much to provide better protection to your pets when it comes to EMF – just some extra attention being paid to the things that matter. There are ways to mitigate and even block EMF radiation in certain parts of your home that don’t involve building a Faraday cage around your bedroom – though 4paws lg200crthere are Faraday canopies that can block EMF from intruding on you (and any pets that habitually share your bed) while you sleep. A better, more efficient way is to make sure that the places in your home where your pets spend the most of their time are relatively devoid of any sources of EMF radiation close by. EMF degrades as you move farther from the source, so your family cat will be receiving a lessened dose if you move the wireless router to the opposite side of the house from a favorite sleeping spot or if you make sure your backyard dog house isn’t right under the electric meter on the side of your house.


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