Guide Review: EarthCalm’s Nova Resonator

What drives EarthCalm? Thousands of confirmations of our products’ effectiveness, like this review of our Nova Resonator. This happy reviewer clearly understands EarthCalm Technology and offers one of the best explanations I’ve heard. Elizabeth, thank you. Jean Gallick, EarthCalm Products Inventor

State of the Art Protection from Manmade EMFs

By Elizabeth Reninger, Guide

“EarthCalm products do not generate any one particular frequency. What they do is introduce information (modulate circuits) into the preexisting artificial field that enables the human being who is at the effect of this artificial field to ground to the earth’s electromagnetic field.”

EarthCalm’s Nova Resonator

It sounds and even looks a bit like a miniature Jedi Lightsaber – and, arguably, is indeed one strategy for allowing “the Force to be with us.” EarthCalm’s Nova Resonator, however, is far from being a futuristic weapon, and is definitely not make-believe. Instead, the two-inch-long sterling silver cylinder contains some of the most sophisticated, state of the art EMF-protection technology you’ll find on the market today. The Nova Resonator is potent medicine for our energy-body; and it’s available to us, here and now.

I’ve been test-driving a Nova Resonator for about two months now, and am quite impressed. Within a minute or two after first putting it on (it’s worn as a necklace) I became distinctly aware of two shifts: (1) my perception, particularly my vision, became clearer; as though a kind of veil had been lifted: colors seemed brighter, shapes more well-defined; and (2) I felt much more distinctly grounded, in a pleasantly relaxed way, through my pelvis and legs, to the earth. (A friend, who recently wore the Nova Resonator for just a couple of days, initially experienced about three hours of increased heat-sensations in her body, along with an increase in physical strength and feelings of general wellbeing.) Comparing the couple of times when I’ve stopped wearing the Nova Resonator, for a day or longer; with how it feels then to put it back on — I can definitely say that there’s a difference; and that I feel better wearing it.

How Does The Nova Resonator Work?

To get an idea of how exactly the Nova Resonator protects the person wearing it from manmade EMF’s, let’s examine, in turn, the two parts of its name: “Nova” and “Resonator.” We’ll start with its last name, Resonator.

From EarthCalm’s website we learn that “Resonance [is] established by the dropping of one frequency or the rising of the other until a flow of energy and information is established that allows for a reciprocal exchange.” A lot of what I write about on this website has to do with resonance: with flows of energy and information, either between people; or between Taoist practitioners and the mountains, trees, flowers etc. that they exchange energy with; or between external alchemical formulas (e.g. Tonic Gold or the homeopathic remedies of Alfons Ven) and the practitioners who ingest them. Mostly what I point to is the upside of resonance: how when we’re in the presence of a powerful teacher or healer (e.g. Braco), there’s the potential for an energetic transmission to happen, if/when we’re able to “tune into” them, i.e. when our frequency modulates to theirs.

The Downside Of Resonance

So resonance is a really good thing, when a dis-eased vibratory field is modulated in the direction of a more focused, more clear and/or higher-frequency, i.e. a “healthier” vibratory field. The downside of resonance is when the opposite happens, i.e. when a vibratory field has dis-organizing affects upon an initially more-healthy field — which is what happens, very frequently, in the interaction between madmade EMF’s and the human nervous and acupuncture meridian systems.

Once our energy-body has, through practice, become highly coherent, and is able consistently to maintain a very high frequency; and/or through meditation practice we’ve become so spacious that “things” just pass right through us, finding no place to stick — once we’ve reached this highly-realized state of being, the issue of “protection” will cease to be relevant. But for the other 99.99% of us, relating skillfully to the situation created by the sea of EMF’s we’ve collectively created, is a really good idea.

It’s an especially good idea for what I like to refer to as the “awkward intermediate stage” between total numbness/insensitivity/armoring and a super-high frequency and/or complete spaciousness which allows “negative” influences simply to pass right through. It’s when we’re in this intermediate stage that we can clearly (or perhaps just kinda sorta) feel the effects of the EMF’s but can’t yet transform them, without support. And this is where the Nova Resonator and other EarthCalm products come into play.

Protection For Our Human Nervous System

“EarthCalm products are designed to protect the human nervous system from the hazards of manmade EMFs, which include our AC electrical grid as well as microwave radiation (cell phone towers, WiFi, broadcasting stations). They do this by enhancing a person’s connection to the earth’s electromagnetic field. This connection is in essence a ground, which by definition allows for the dissipation of biologically meaningless and stress producing currents.

Many people will actually feel this deeper connection to the earth as a sense of calmness and peace. The reduction of electrically induced stress allows the nervous system to more effectively heal and restore the body to optimal functioning.”

By introducing new information into existing electrical fields (a nifty Aikido move!) the Nova Resonator reestablishes our connection to, and grounding in, the electromagnetic field of the earth — flowing between the earth’s crust and the lower border of the ionosphere. (This field resonates at the specific frequency which is known as the Schumann Resonance.) It is via clear connection to the earth’s resonant field that our human body receives information/energy crucial for the timing mechanisms of many of its functions. Manmade EMF’s create something akin to an electrical fence, preventing full access to this information.

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