Simple Detox Tips: How to Cleanse Your Body with Ease

Detoxing isn’t fun—but hey, a lot of things that are good for us aren’t fun. It’s how we feel afterwards that counts.

And everyone I know who’s done a detox diet, even for just three days, feels really good afterwards.

Reasons to Detox

Most of us rave about the amazing energy we feel and the weight loss that happens. Our skin clears up, we feel less puffy. Aches and pains diminish. And sugar cravings go away (and that’s saying something!). Not only that, but our appetites get reset, so we eat less afterwards.

It’s no wonder: detoxing removes irritants and harmful foods that are triggering inflammation in our body and overloading our detox system. It allows our digestive system to rest and our body’s detox system to “reboot”.  

 If you’ve searched for ways to cleanse your body, you’ve probably found there are tons of programs and products out there you can use. Some programs just require 2-3 days; others continue on for weeks.

The main thing is to realize that detoxes don’t have to involve starvation, deprivation, or a complete lifestyle change—unless that’s what you’re looking for. You just need to find one that suits you and your particular body.

Here are some simple detox tips:

Ease into Your Detox

Be careful to not jump directly into a heavy-duty detox regimen if you’re not ready for it. Many cleansing programs are pretty radical, and if you’ve been eating and drinking foods that are not healthy or you’re in delicate health, making the sudden switch to a stringent detox could be too difficult for you.

Here are some easy tips that you can take prior to starting a more severe detox diet, to help you ease into it:

  • If you smoke or drink alcohol or coffee, it’s important to cut these out for a while before starting a detox program. Caffeine is often the hardest—but see if you can at least cut down on your intake.
  • Stop eating sugar and white flour—and all processed foods.
  • Cut out all red meat, and slowly cut back on chicken and fish—and keep them organic.

Note: Be sure to determine if you are someone who generally needs protein in your diet. You can know this by a feeling of “protein hunger” you may get when you haven’t had any for a while.

If so, be sure to be careful about going on a detox diet that deprives you too long of protein. You may wish to do several short detoxes a year, rather than one lengthy one.

  • healthy food Eat lots and lots and lots of vegetables and fruits—you need to add as much fiber to your diet as you can.
  • Start drinking tons of water—full glasses at a time, as often as possible during the day. Natural juices and coconut water or kombucha are also good.
  • Stop putting chemical, non-organic lotions on your body. Use toothpaste without fluoride.
  • Get as much exercise as you can.

Doing all these things will actually start you detoxing to some extent. If symptoms start showing up, drink more water—and ride them out till you’re feeling better.

Salt-Water Flush

 Something else you can do to ease into your detox program is to start with a Salt-Water Flush. A one-day salt-water flush can jumpstart you into your cleanse—and clean out your colon before you start flushing more toxins into it. This can help the discomfort of the symptoms while you’re doing a detox.

The Salt Water Flush is pretty simple: Dissolve 1 tsp of sea salt in 24 oz of warm, purified water and drink it immediately. If this feels too drastic to you, you can drink half of this drink in the morning, and the second half later in the day. Just be sure to choose a day in which you’re going to be close to a restroom at all times!  

Detoxing from Electromagnetic Fields

Something very few people think about is the fact that it’s not just food, drink and what we breathe from the air that create toxins in our bodies. Serious toxins also form due to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) our bodies take in from the environment around us: from WiFi, cell towers, cell phones and other wireless devices.

 In fact, many health symptoms people experience are from their EMF exposure. Headaches, digestive problems, sleep disorders, mind-fog, and depression are common EMF exposure symptoms.

It’s not surprising: much research has shown that EMFs break the brain-blood barrier and interfere with DNA and cell functioning. It also correlates emf exposure with numerous health symptoms and diseases. Read more.

Going on a detox diet will help you to clean your body out so it handles the EMFs better when you’re exposed to them. But it’s impossible these days to avoid EMF exposure—we’re submerged in them, wherever we go. It’s not like junk food or alcohol, which we can avoid if we want to.

EMF Protection—an Important Detox Tip

So what to do? Get EMF protection. It’s the simplest and sanest thing to do—no one wants to give up their wireless toys, and it’s not necessary. Check out products by EarthCalm, a company that’s been in business for over 25 years and has a 90-day money-back guarantee.

You’ll find that by simply getting EMF protection, even before you start anything else, you may begin detoxing. When your immune system no longer has to deal with the EMFs, it will automatically start your body detoxing. You know it’s really working when this happens.

Cleanse Your Body in a Safe and Gradual Way

In summary, ease into your detox diet by gradually moving toward it beforehand. Do a salt-water flush the day before to clean out your colon to avoid difficult detox symptoms. And protect yourself from EMFs. Following these detox tips will make your journey into greater health a lot easier!

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