Smart Meter Radiation Risks

Are Smart Meters health hazards? Smart Meter radiation emissions are both greater in volume and more frequent than power companies admit, according to more and more independent EMF specialists measuring them. And consumers are getting concerned.

What are Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are electric and gas meter reading devices being installed all over the US as a first step in creating a national smart grid. Designed to enhance energy efficiency and make widespread adoption of renewable energy easier, Smart Meters are radio transmitters that communicate data from homes and businesses to the gas and electric company through a matrix of radio signals. They allow people to measure and monitor their own energy consumption in order to reduce it.

Controversy about Smart Meters

Large groups of citizens are complaining that their Smart Meters are over-billing them. Public meetings are being held over the country to discuss this, and many cities have come out in favor of a smart Meter moratorium until the issue is resolved.

Smart Meters Health Risks

But now there are growing numbers of activists who are protesting against Smart Meters for another reason. They contend that the radio frequency (RF) Smart Meters emit is harmful to human health. People living with the meters are claiming mild to severe symptoms that are all over the board: Concentration and memory problems, dizziness, tinnitus, heart palpitations, headaches, sleep disruptions, nausea, anxiety and behavioral problems in children.

People are especially concerned about certain groups who are vulnerable to Smart Meter health risks, such as children (who absorb radiation at a greater rate than adults), electrosensitive people, people with  pacemakers, and chronically ill people whose immune systems are compromised.

Unclear Answers about Smart Meter Radiation Levels

Power companies seem to be unable to give consistent, believable answers about either how frequently Smart Meter radiation is emitted—or what the peak power is of the radiation signal at certain distances. Some representative say the meters transmit RF six times a day; others, once an hour. Independent RF specialists have measured them every 45 seconds, or even twice in a minute.

As for peak power of Smart Meter radiation signals, there is even more confusion. Power companies maintain that the RF transmissions are well within FCC standards, that they transmit data for only a fraction of a second and are far weaker than other everyday radio frequency emitters, such as cell phones, cell towers and Wi-Fi.

Putting aside for a moment the debate over the safety of even these “everyday” RF emitters, there’s reason to doubt these assurances from power companies that Smart Meters are safer than these other devices. Independent environmental EMF consultants have found that peak pulses are far greater in intensity than the “average pulse” that many utility companies claim—sometimes up to 1000 times more powerful than a cell phone.(1) Because of the skewed and inaccurate way in which they figure the number of pulses per minutes, their figures of an “average” pulse is greatly reduced.

Indeed, assurances of utility companies are reminiscent of promises that have been made over the years by plastics and chemical manufacturers who initially claimed that what they were producing was safe.

Thermal and Non-Thermal Effects of Smart Meter Radiation

But aside from any of this, what’s important to understand is that the FCC safety standards are based only on thermal effects of radiation, meaning: How high can radiation go before the body tissues start cooking? Research has shown that the thermal effects of microwave radiation are not the only effects to be worried about. There are also non-thermal effects of RF that are very disturbing.

Smart Meters Often Don’t Comply with FCC Standards

Independent researchers published a report concluding that smart meters often may not even comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) safety standards—which, in themselves are insufficient for measuring radiation levels in smart meters.

Set back in 1996, FCC standards were based on studies with healthy 6’2”, 220 lbs men exposed for short periods of time–very different from the situation with smart meters, in which women, children and people in fragile health are continuously exposed to the radiation, often from more than one smart meter.

Furthermore, other sources of radiation (such as Wi-Fi, cell phones, and other wireless devices, all present in today’s homes) were not present in the testing. For all these reasons, the report strongly cautions that smart meters are not safe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Toxicology Program have also studied the effects RF on human health. Their updated results are that, among other things, RF can significantly increase the risk of glioma, a deadly brain tumor.

Organizations Cautioning about Radiation Health Risks

A number of organizations have also given strong cautions about all technology that emit radiation similar to that of smart meters, including the Council of Europe, the European Environment Agency, UK Trades Union Congress, the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety, and the Russian Commission for Electromagnetic Safety.

Protection Against Smart Meters Health Risks

There are no warning signs about health risks that come with a Smart Meter. And at this point, if you are permitted in your area to opt out at all, it will cost you more. But it seems advisable in any case if you have been suffering from any unexplainable ailments since the installation of your Smart Meter, you might want to look into finding protection against the RF emitted by the meter.

EarthCalm has the Solution

EarthCalm has a highly effective solution for preventing health risks from Smart Meters:  The Infinity Home EMF Protection System. Simply attach it to your Smart Meter and your worries about health risks are over.

There’s no need to wait to see if the Smart Meters controversy about health risks is ever resolved. With the 90-day, money-back guarantee that EarthCalm offers, you can test the Home System for yourself and see how much better you feel.

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40 comments on “Smart Meter Radiation Risks
  1. HD says:

    Do you have any literature on the testing you have done on your device showing the efficacy and how it works and how it is installed in your home? 

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Thanks for your inquiry. I encourage you to look at our product research at . We are currently working on research for smart meter emf alleviation. Our customers, and employees find their personal research perhaps more significant. If you are experiencing any symptoms, use the products and see what happens. That is the purpose of our 90-Day Guarantee. Your own body will help you decide if the product is right for you. Call Customer service if you have specific questions. They will be happy to help. Aine

  2. Glenn says:

    We recently renovated our house and installed PV on our roof.  The Electric company upgraded our analog meter to a smart meter.  I have seen the use of aluminum screen to reflect and shield against RF radiation from smart meters.  As part of our renovation I insulated my entire home with radiant barrier foil which is made from aluminum.  Only the windows are not shielded but I am thinking of replacing the fiberglass screens with aluminum screen as seen on-line.  I don’t have an RF meter to check the radiation but do you think the barrier will help shield against RF from our smart meter and our neighbor’s?  Thanks

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Congratulations Glenn, on all your renovations! You’re obviously serious about this health issue.

      Barriers are great, but offer only partial protection, however. Even a pinhole can let in a funnel of microwave radiation from the smart meter. Also, barriers do nothing for the home’s electrical system, which most people are not aware is even a problem. Look into adding EarthCalm’s Home EMF Protection System. If anyone in your home is electrosensitive, they’ll be able to feel a difference within the 90 day trial period.
      The best of health,

  3. Rick0014 says:

    I work around very large industrial lasers for cutting metals. Not once have I ever felt ill around the electromagnetic fields generated by such lasers, even light is in fact electromagnetic. It’s all in  your heads, I use HAMM radio’s and radio transmitters as well, which have far more radio power then any smart meter ever could. My 5.4 gigahertz wireless phone is harmless as well. Go live in a cave, into total darkness, the radon gas is far more harmful then any electromagnetic field could be. Stay away form cell phone towers. Myself I don’t believe a word any of this stuff and neither should you. The sun puts out more damaging electromagnetic radiation then just about any thing on earth. Stay out of the sun while your at it, skin cancers are common if one gets to much sunlight.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Hi Rick-
      It’s great that you’re healthy and can easily engage in such interesting work! That can’t be said for everyone. Every body is different. For instance, while the majority of people have no problems with such things, others have severe allergic reactions to mosquito bites, strawberries, peanuts or wheat. Some have extremely sensitive hearing. Some people tan easily, others pay for sun exposure with visits to the dermatologist for skin cancer. It’s a mystery why one person dies of lung cancer when young, and another is a happily heavy smoker until death at 97 with clear lungs and a smile on her face.

      As a general rule, when we’re healthy we humans have a hard time relating to “complainers”. But when it comes to the dangers of EMFs, there is a great deal of research, and more all the time. The information is out there. And yes, at this stage it’s still a controversy and for some reason generates anger. We keep saying it, but it’s just like tobacco, asbestos and even plastic….seems great at first, until health or environmental issues begin to emerge and the picture changes.

      May you remain forever healthy.

    • Elliot says:

      Rick, the simple fact that you think everyone’s body is the same makes your advice completely worthless.  Some people don’t get sick from 4 packs of cigarettes per day either – does that make them safe for everyone?  No.  Some people can die from a taste of a peanut – others can eat pounds of them.  Think before you try to tell people this garbage.

  4. MIchelle Witehira says:

    Can you tell me what is the danger zone for these smart meters in terms of distance?  I have just noticed we have one installed in our house.  Ever since we moved in six months ago our family has been sick with various symptoms.   Even if we protect it with one of your protection devices, will we still be affected by the neighbours’ smart meters?  Really worried now.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Hi Michelle-
      I don’t have an exact distance for you, but the Smart Meter Pak is designed to protect your family from the effects of your own smart meter, and will help protect you from your neighbors’ meters. The idea is, don’t worry–protect.

      Since you have noticed that your family has been sick since the installation, you have a perfect test situation. That’s what the guarantee is all about. Try it for 90 Days. If you notice your family’s symptoms improving, you’ll have personal experience to judge it by. Write down the symptoms with as much detail and accuracy as possible. Follow the product instructions for getting up to full “power”. Then every couple of weeks, make notes on your symptom list.

      May you and your family have the same healthful surprise so many others have experienced!

  5. Dave says:

    First of all a BIG thank you to Earthcalm for the heads up about these “Smartmeters”, I researched and have read the feed back here and Stopped the Power company today from installing one at our home. The radiation emissions alone are a huge concern for us. Thanks to all who gave the feed back on these Dangerous Meters. Dave.

  6. Pamela logam says:

    I am very much interested in these protection emf devices. Please email me information.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Hi Pamela, For your specific questions about the products or your special concerns, please contact our customer service product specialists at [email protected] or by calling 800-474-2584. They have great experience and knowledge.

  7. Rose says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I thought perhaps I was just being paranoid or that it was all in my head….but ever since I got a smart meter installed (it was enforced by the council even though I didn’t want one), I have suffered from extreme tiredness and intense migraines. I have never had migraines in my life. In fact, I rarely even got headaches. Now it seems I have  at least one a week! And the tiredness…ugh! I used to be so energetic and sporty, and now I just feel like sleeping all the time. But when I do go to bed, I can never get to sleep. It feels like my head and ears are constantly ringing, and this only makes my tiredness even worse.

    I only ever feel like my “normal” self when I’m out of the house. I wish I could get the damn thing removed!

  8. Mary E, Lewis says:

    I am absolutely terrified right now. I told my friend I had been having trouble sleeping and I am having flu like symtoms from being so sleep deprived. I knew I had been feeling distracted an unable to concentrate. This is abnormal for me. Well he asked if I had had any smart meters installed and I told him to stop being so paranoid. I told him I hadn’t given permission to install a smart meter and knew very little about them.

    Well to my absolute horror, I went outside to check and I almost fainted when I saw that FOUR smart meters had been installed right under my bedroom window. I live in a small eight unit condo and didn’t realize they “FPL” (florida power and light) had installed these without my permission but without even considering my rights or wishes.

    What can I do now? I am sure this is why I am having headaches all the time and why I can’t sleep for more than an hour at a time. IS this why my immune system is down and I now have the flu? What can I do now? Where can I go for help. I am not wealthy and do not have money for attorneys. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.     

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Hi Mary-
      Your experiences with the smart meter are similar to many we’ve heard.
      Do some research online to find the options you have in your area for an opt-out. Unfortunately, opting out usually isn’t a simple matter in most cases. It can be expensive, time consuming and often involves fees, penalties or additional monthly charges.

      All of the staff here and hundreds of customers have chosen an easier and less stressful route. We use the Home EMF Protection System. Besides giving relief from all the symptoms associated with the smart meter, it ALSO protects you from all the EMFs created by your household wiring and appliances. Most of the staff here got involved with EarthCalm because of our personal remarkable experiences of symptom relief with the use of the products.

      What can you do? Just try it. If you can’t feel a difference get a full refund.

      The best health to you whatever route you choose to take.

  9. eyewatchitall says:

    As soon as I received a pamphlet from Southern California Edison saying they were putting in smart meters that emitted electromagnetic radiation, I called them, refusing the installation, in november 2011. Southern California Edison did not advise their customers that they could refuse the smart meters, because in march 2012, the public utilities commission allowed residential customers to opt out for the original analog meter.

    I called and asked them why they did not inform their customers of this option and they said oh it was on our website. I don’t pay for anything online ever. I mail all bills through the US Postal Service. I then demanded that they switch out that deadly meter immediately. I told them to do it as soon as possible, because i was feeling sick, since SCE installed the…smart meter in january 2012. Anyone who has Southern California Edison can refuse this…smart meter right now. They cannot refuse you, but you just have to pay a small fee not to get sick, get cancer or die.

    Now is the time to fight for your life…..this includes children and animals. People must take action NOW!

  10. Petrina Gregson says:

    After extensive research of several hours every night from a year ago, we decided to sell our city house, which (apart from a neighbour on each side) was surrounded by wireless smart meters, and on all sides by wireless water meters (we had to pay an extra $100 a year for hard-wired); wireless gas meters are on the horizon. Cell towers are proliferating.  We now live 25 km north of the nearest town, have well water and propane/wood heat (no meters!) and have locked up the analog meter.  No cell phone reception : )       I figure prevention is better than a ‘cure’, and know personally of two friends who are hypersensitive to the wireless.  I do hope people try to become informed by googling Hazards of smart meters, or going to   and checking out the links. Remember to check as to whether research is independent, or whether it is funded by corporations.


  11. Satinka says:

    July 18th I attended a smart meter meeting .The hall was filled to the seams and standing room. The speaker was a person who checked Wi-Fi for industry and all large corporations who dealt with electricity. His presentation brought with him 30 years of experience in his field.

    To come to the point, the smart meters are dangerous and should not be installed. You will be exposed to 24/7 electromagnetic pulses. Causing great harm to children, pregnant women and the elderly. As for the remaining generations, it will get to you as well. You are not exempt. Privacy, hacking even cyberspace attack is now a main concern. Let’s not forget potential fires to your homes. This by the way is all in the name of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    These meters do not carry seals of approval as is required for all appliances. Their installing without your permission is an invasion of your privacy and against the law. So taken in to consideration that in California 56 counties and communities have banned and criminalized these meters until proven 100 % safe.

  12. honeydew blossoms says:

    I am so sick…i know it is from this meter this point in the radiation sickness my right ear is buzzing intermittently..just like there is a bee caught in is scary..i am also sick in my right intestine. it feels as if there is a fist under the ribcage..i am getting very forgetful.this is all of a sudden and all of the symptoms together. i am sensitive to several things like cat hair, and dust, usually, but this is ridiculous . my house is small and surrounded very closely by smart meters on other small houses, some facing my bedroom, some down the hall on the walls next to me on the far side, across the street not very far at all..i have heard that one can make a foil protector…by taking a piece of plywood(that is what i did), wrapping it with bubble wrap, then wrapping it in foil…i did this twice…it is strange but it sits at the foot of my bed at night against the wall to protect me somewhat from the rads coming directly from the meter on my neighbors house about 20 feet away, i can see the meter ..i am saddened that America has come to this…all without asking me if they could indeed install a meter on my house.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Honeydew – We hear from many people who have similar, bizarre experiences. After ruling out other possible causes with their doctor, they attribute these symptoms directly to the installation of a smart meter. To people who don’t have obvious reactions, these testimonies sound absurd and often evoke ridicule.

      I can’t comment on homemade versions, but EarthCalm Products are backed by scientific research, as well a personal success stories. On the site look up the Home EMF Protection System and check out the Research Page. Also, read the ElectroSensitivity page for more information about dealing with your level of sensitivity. Don’t hesitate to call Customer Service for a wealth of information.
      We wish you success with renewed health.

  13. Joe says:

    What are you selling, snake oil?  As an electrical engineer, I can perceive no way that your product can work. The FCC limits on equipment in these bands is 4 Watts and all meters I have tested are well under this limit. I have worked in and around RF energy for over 20 yrs with no ill effects.  Granted high power RF can heat the body and may have other issues but the energy from meters is not high power. You are likely to get more exposure from your microwave oven or cell phone. Please see OET bulletin 65 for exposure information.  Test instruments shown on the Internet cannot tell the difference in meter rf energy or energy from other products in the same band. rf power diminishes much like a light bulb’s light, it is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source.  

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Joe, you present another side of this hot topic. We suggest reading The BioInitiative Report and Dr. Robert Becker’s book: Crosscurrents, the Perils of Electropollution for a scientific discussion of the impact of EMFs on human health.

  14. Toya says:

    The very reason, that the Electrical co’s are not willing to go through an extensive research with the smart meters, must simply be because they are unsafe. Thinking of the fact, that they do have to get their investment back. So what better than to simply ignore. What makes it even more convenient, is the home that has no signs of no acceptance on the doors or locks on their meters.  Since there are many who do not have these signs. The Electrical Co’s keep making their money.
    We do have to keep in mind, that the electrical co may think, no signs, you agree with the installation. So this makes it entirely up to you to do your home work.  PLACE SIGNS ON ALL YOUR DOORS!!!.  ”NO SMART METERS’

  15. Jenny says:

    To the Editors:
    Here is the link the IARC found:
    “The largest retrospective case-control study to date on adults, Interphone, coordinated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), was designed to determine whether there are links between use of mobile phones and head and neck cancers in adults…The researchers concluded that biases and errors limit the strength of these conclusions and prevent a causal interpretation. Based largely on these data, IARC has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), a category used when a causal association is considered credible, but when chance, bias or confounding cannot be ruled out with reasonable confidence.”
    I think there is a high chance that earthcalm is biased and confounded.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Hi Jenny, Thanks for reading. We refer to this study and provide a link to it on the post Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer_New Study by WHO.

      Most of us would like definitive answers about most things in life. Scientific studies don’t agree on the issues of EMF safety. Why should we be surprised? Conflicting data isn’t unusual. The debate about fluoride still isn’t unilaterally solved, despite new studies showing that it diminishes IQ. And even after extensive research “proving” the safety and efficacy, prescription drugs are pulled off the market. The safety of genetically modified foods and food additives, the truth about global warming, along with many, many other topics all have 2 sides standing firm on their scientific proofs and opinions.

      Part of the problem is that life so is wonderfully complex. In studies there’s seldom a way to isolate for every single contingency. So, it isn’t that unusual to find a connection but not be able to rule out all other possibilities that could account for that connection.

      We hear from so many people who are electrosensitive. They tell us about the profound changes in their health when their smart meters were installed. Perhaps that does bias our opinion. We trust their experience. And yes, we’re often confounded: Why is it so many feel the effects of EMFs, and others apparently don’t?

  16. Kathleen says:

    Dear Earthcalm Personnel,
    I had a smart meter installed without my consent or knowledge. I have been turning off my house’s electricity at the circuit breaker box as much as possible. Does that protect me and my cats from the smart meter?
    FYI, I will be using part of my tax refund to buy your products. I work in an IT Dept with more sources of EMF than I want to think about. There is no escape from radiation for me. Thank you for your information in advance. I look forward to your reply.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Hi Kathleen. Although we don’t have information that turning off the circuit breaker would solve the smart meter radiation problem, it certainly can’t can’t hurt. There’s no battery to keep it running if the current is off. My guess is that you’re able to feel a difference, in your stress level or sleep…some people even report changes in their pet’s behavior. However, there is still the problem of other people’s smart meters in the area. A new product, the Torus is about to be released specifically for use with smart meters and other wireless devices.

      You’re right, there is no escape from radiation. Most of us at EarthCalm and many of our family members and close friends are around technology everyday and have all personally benefited from an Omega WiFi plugged into our computer, or wearing a Nova Scalar Resonator, so you won’t have to worry in the IT department. Take advantage of the expertise of our Customer Service staff. They can guide you to the products that fit your exact needs.
      The best of Health to You.

  17. Thomas says:

    You are trying to present this as a serious treat and have a snake oil “full cell phone radiation protection” link in your sidebar? This is nothing but a scam to sell your product.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Thomas, thank you for reading our post.

      There is indeed, much controversy over the safety of smart meters. There is convincing data on both sides and the high stakes, doubt, fear and unclarity make an emotionally charged mix.

      It would make things much easier if the scientists agreed, if the data was consistent and if there weren’t monetary and fear issues involved. Instead, we’re each left having to have to decide for ourselves.

      For many people health is taken for granted. Thousands who experience electrosensitivity don’t have that luxury. They experience in their own bodies severe symptoms with the installation of a smart meter. And they feel relief with the use of a quality EMF protection device. We trust individual personal experience and we have hundreds of grateful customers. And when it isn’t the answer, we happily honor our 90 Day-‘Try it Yourself’ Guarantee.

  18. Rusty Staples says:

    I encourage everyone who feels that Smart Meters cause health problems to buy EarthCalm products as a cure – for whatever you feel Smart Meters are doing to you.  Since Smart Meters emit several orders of magnitude less energy than the cell phones you (and millions of others) use daily, EarthCalm’s placebo be just the trick for your psychosomatic symptoms.
    Further, as EarthCalm presents no information that your diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancers, high blood pressure,… will be cured – or even mitigated in the slightest – beware.  Please see a real doctor…

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Thanks for your comments, Rusty. You really highlight the volatile nature of the much debated topic of smart meters.

      For every research study proving smart meter safety you’ll find another proving their hazardous health effects. As the power companies go forward with nationwide installation, organizations take legal action to have installation banned or, at the very least, optional. It may not be solved to everyone’s satisfaction anytime soon.

      And just as some people have serious chemical or food allergies while others have no such sensitivities to anything at all, the same appears to be the case with smart meter issues and EMFs in general. Does anything work for all people, regardless of the “proven” status? It does all come down to personal experience in the end.

      EarthCalm makes no curative claims. Customers have reported mild to astonishing results from using EMF protection. We encourage people to try our products for 90 days and decide for themselves. No hype, no hard sell, easy return policy.

      The best of health to you.

  19. Joan W says:

    My daughter had a smart meter installed in her home just 2 weeks ago (without her permission) and since then all have had sickness like flu and one is having panic attacks and sleeplessness…I will write local hydro company from a lawyer letter to hydro company requesting it not be installed in my home. I have respiratory issues and am older…I study alternative health…my friend who runs a health store not impressed either…

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Joan, you’re in good company. Thousands of people are protesting Smart Meters for health reasons. Your daughter and family might really benefit from the Scalar Home Protection System. It’s helped so many people with this very issue. The good thing is that EarthCalm offers that 90-day guarantee. If the family doesn’t feel improvement and become convinced on their own, there’s nothing lost, on the other hand there might be a great deal to gain! The best of health to all of you.

  20. barby says:

    BC Hydro installed a new smart meter on my home without my permission a few weeks ago.  Since then……. 2 dogs had seizures, one died.  We have ringing of the ears (new) anxiety (new) and a guest dropped on the floor.  I am demanding that they remove this device. 

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Barby, I’m so sorry to hear of these serious reactions to your newly installed smart meter! You are not alone–for many people the consequences are truly devastating. I sincerely hope your request for removal is honored. Thank you for taking a stand! EMF protection products may be your next choice for safety. Feel free to call Customer Service if we can help or answer any of your questions. Best of health to your family and friends.

  21. Michael Machine - says:

    I learned a lot from this post, great help for me, thank you!

  22. Katie says:

    Site your source from WHO. I found nothing on their website indicating that radiation from the smart meters lead to cancer.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Hi Katie,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The World Health Organization/International Agency for Research “classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans…” The RF EMFs include all wireless technologies. The new announcement is based on an increased risk for a type of cancer which brings the whole subject under closer scrutiny.

  23. RobertWilliams says:


    Utilities & Health Departments based previous safety claims on World Health Organization (WHO).

    But June 1 2011, WHO says Wireless Smart Meter radiation is linked to CANCER (possible human carcinogen – same as Lead, DDT, etc), and that means it also damages bodies & brains (including children’s) in many ways, other than cancer.

    Video Interview: Nuclear Scientist, Daniel Hirsch, (5 minutes).

    Video Interview: Dr. Carpenter, New York Public Health Department, Dean of Public Health, (2 minutes).

    2-page Press Release:

    My apologies to people who alerted us sooner to the dangers of Wireless radiation. I was arrogant and ignorant in calling them tin-foil heads.

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