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Smart Meter Radiation Risks

Are Smart Meters health hazards? Smart Meter radiation emissions are both greater in volume and more frequent than power companies admit, according to more and more independent EMF specialists measuring them. And consumers are getting concerned.

What Are Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are electric and gas meter reading devices being installed all over the US as a first step in creating a national smart grid. Designed to enhance energy efficiency and make widespread adoption of renewable energy easier, Smart Meters are radio transmitters that communicate data from homes and businesses to the gas and electric company through a matrix of radio signals. They allow people to measure and monitor their own energy consumption in order to reduce it.

Controversy about Smart Meters

Large groups of citizens are complaining that their Smart Meters are over-billing them. Public meetings are being held over the country to discuss this, and many cities have come out in favor of a smart Meter moratorium until the issue is resolved.

Smart Meters Health Risks

But now there are growing numbers of activists who are protesting against Smart Meters for another reason. They contend that the radio frequency (RF) Smart Meters emit is harmful to human health. People living with the meters are claiming mild to severe symptoms that are all over the board: Concentration and memory problems, dizziness, tinnitus, heart palpitations, headaches, sleep disruptions, nausea, anxiety and behavioral problems in children.

People are especially concerned about certain groups who are vulnerable to Smart Meter health risks, such as children (who absorb radiation at a greater rate than adults), electrosensitive people, people with  pacemakers, and chronically ill people whose immune systems are compromised.

Unclear Answers about Smart Meter Radiation Levels

Power companies seem to be unable to give consistent, believable answers about either how frequently Smart Meter radiation is emitted—or what the peak power is of the radiation signal at certain distances. Some representative say the meters transmit RF six times a day; others, once an hour. Independent RF specialists have measured them every 45 seconds, or even twice in a minute.

As for peak power of Smart Meter radiation signals, there is even more confusion. Power companies maintain that the RF transmissions are well within FCC standards, that they transmit data for only a fraction of a second and are far weaker than other everyday radio frequency emitters, such as cell phones, cell towers and Wi-Fi.

Putting aside for a moment the debate over the safety of even these “everyday” RF emitters, there’s reason to doubt these assurances from power companies that Smart Meters are safer than these other devices. Independent environmental EMF consultants have found that peak pulses are far greater in intensity than the “average pulse” that many utility companies claim—sometimes up to 1000 times more powerful than a cell phone.(1) Because of the skewed and inaccurate way in which they figure the number of pulses per minutes, their figures of an “average” pulse is greatly reduced.

Indeed, assurances of utility companies are reminiscent of promises that have been made over the years by plastics and chemical manufacturers who initially claimed that what they were producing was safe.

Thermal and Non-Thermal Effects of Smart Meter Radiation

But aside from any of this, what’s important to understand is that the FCC safety standards are based only on thermal effects of radiation, meaning: How high can radiation go before the body tissues start cooking? Research has shown that the thermal effects of microwave radiation are not the only effects to be worried about. There are also non-thermal effects of RF that are very disturbing.

Smart Meters Often Don’t Comply with FCC Standards

Independent researchers published a report concluding that smart meters often may not even comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) safety standards—which, in themselves are insufficient for measuring radiation levels in smart meters.

Set back in 1996, FCC standards were based on studies with healthy 6’2”, 220 lbs men exposed for short periods of time–very different from the situation with smart meters, in which women, children and people in fragile health are continuously exposed to the radiation, often from more than one smart meter.

Furthermore, other sources of radiation (such as Wi-Fi, cell phones, and other wireless devices, all present in today’s homes) were not present in the testing. For all these reasons, the report strongly cautions that smart meters are not safe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Toxicology Program have also studied the effects RF on human health. Their updated results are that, among other things, RF can significantly increase the risk of glioma, a deadly brain tumor.

Organizations Cautioning about Radiation Health Risks

A number of organizations have also given strong cautions about all technology that emit radiation similar to that of smart meters, including the Council of Europe, the European Environment Agency, UK Trades Union Congress, the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety, and the Russian Commission for Electromagnetic Safety.

Protection Against Smart Meters Health Risks

There are no warning signs about health risks that come with a Smart Meter. And at this point, if you are permitted in your area to opt out at all, it will cost you more. But it seems advisable in any case if you have been suffering from any unexplainable ailments since the installation of your Smart Meter, you might want to look into finding protection against the RF emitted by the meter.

EarthCalm has the Solution

 Home EMF Protection System

EarthCalm has a highly effective solution for preventing health risks from Smart Meters:  The Home EMF Protection System. Simply attach it to your Smart Meter and your worries about health risks are over.

There’s no need to wait to see if the Smart Meters controversy about health risks is ever resolved. With the 90-day, money-back guarantee that EarthCalm offers, you can test the Home System for yourself and see how much better you feel.



40 Responses to Smart Meter Radiation Risks

  • HD says:

    Do you have any literature on the testing you have done on your device showing the efficacy and how it works and how it is installed in your home? 

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Thanks for your inquiry. I encourage you to look at our product research at . We are currently working on research for smart meter emf alleviation. Our customers, and employees find their personal research perhaps more significant. If you are experiencing any symptoms, use the products and see what happens. That is the purpose of our 90-Day Guarantee. Your own body will help you decide if the product is right for you. Call Customer service if you have specific questions. They will be happy to help. Aine

  • Glenn says:

    We recently renovated our house and installed PV on our roof.  The Electric company upgraded our analog meter to a smart meter.  I have seen the use of aluminum screen to reflect and shield against RF radiation from smart meters.  As part of our renovation I insulated my entire home with radiant barrier foil which is made from aluminum.  Only the windows are not shielded but I am thinking of replacing the fiberglass screens with aluminum screen as seen on-line.  I don’t have an RF meter to check the radiation but do you think the barrier will help shield against RF from our smart meter and our neighbor’s?  Thanks

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Congratulations Glenn, on all your renovations! You’re obviously serious about this health issue.

      Barriers are great, but offer only partial protection, however. Even a pinhole can let in a funnel of microwave radiation from the smart meter. Also, barriers do nothing for the home’s electrical system, which most people are not aware is even a problem. Look into adding EarthCalm’s Home EMF Protection System. If anyone in your home is electrosensitive, they’ll be able to feel a difference within the 90 day trial period.
      The best of health,

  • Rick0014 says:

    I work around very large industrial lasers for cutting metals. Not once have I ever felt ill around the electromagnetic fields generated by such lasers, even light is in fact electromagnetic. It’s all in  your heads, I use HAMM radio’s and radio transmitters as well, which have far more radio power then any smart meter ever could. My 5.4 gigahertz wireless phone is harmless as well. Go live in a cave, into total darkness, the radon gas is far more harmful then any electromagnetic field could be. Stay away form cell phone towers. Myself I don’t believe a word any of this stuff and neither should you. The sun puts out more damaging electromagnetic radiation then just about any thing on earth. Stay out of the sun while your at it, skin cancers are common if one gets to much sunlight.

    • Aine, Editor says:

      Hi Rick-
      It’s great that you’re healthy and can easily engage in such interesting work! That can’t be said for everyone. Every body is different. For instance, while the majority of people have no problems with such things, others have severe allergic reactions to mosquito bites, strawberries, peanuts or wheat. Some have extremely sensitive hearing. Some people tan easily, others pay for sun exposure with visits to the dermatologist for skin cancer. It’s a mystery why one person dies of lung cancer when young, and another is a happily heavy smoker until death at 97 with clear lungs and a smile on her face.

      As a general rule, when we’re healthy we humans have a hard time relating to “complainers”. But when it comes to the dangers of EMFs, there is a great deal of research, and more all the time. The information is out there. And yes, at this stage it’s still a controversy and for some reason generates anger. We keep saying it, but it’s just like tobacco, asbestos and even plastic….seems great at first, until health or environmental issues begin to emerge and the picture changes.

      May you remain forever healthy.

    • Elliot says:

      Rick, the simple fact that you think everyone’s body is the same makes your advice completely worthless.  Some people don’t get sick from 4 packs of cigarettes per day either – does that make them safe for everyone?  No.  Some people can die from a taste of a peanut – others can eat pounds of them.  Think before you try to tell people this garbage.


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