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Smart Meter Radiation Protection

Concerned about Smart Meter Radiation?

You’re in good company. Since the installation of a smart meter in their home, many people are reporting health symptoms, such as:

Smart meter radiation is dangerous.  

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Chronic daily headaches
  • Dizziness, fatigue
  • Concentration & memory problems
  • Nervous & hormonal disturbances
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Behavioral problems in children

Reports on Smart Meter Radiation

Because the proliferation of smart meters is a relatively new phenomenon, there is little long-term research done on their effect on people’s health. However, there are a number of reports on the hundreds of studies that have been done on the dangers caused by the radiation that smart meters generate.

One comprehensive report was written by Poki Stewart Namkung, MD, Health Officer County of Santa Cruz: “Report on Health Risks Associated with Smart Meters”.
Another report in the form of a letter, was sent by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) to the CPUC calling for a halt to wireless smart meters. Read more on smart meter radiation dangers.

 Is Opting Out or Attaching a Protective Cap the Answer?

It’s important to understand that it isn’t just your own smart meter that’s a problem. You’re being impacted by the huge field of microwave radiation coming from the whole network of smart meters in your neighborhood.

Living near all these smart meters is like living very close to a cell tower or power lines. So opting out or placing a protective cap on your own smart meter will only protect you to a small degree—you’ll still be dealing with the radiation from all your neighbors’ smart meters.

EarthCalm has the Solution

 For this reason, EarthCalm’s solution is to protect yourself from all of it with the Home EMF Protection System. This product gives you the most powerful protection possible from all sources of EMFs—both electrical and microwave. It protects everyone in every room of your home.

   Reg. Price: $329    Sale Price: $296


“The EarthCalm devices have saved my life. After the smart meter was installed, my symptoms were so bad, I thought I was dying. The smart meter had a devastating effect on my animals, as well. Both my dogs and my doves started showing extreme symptoms. But within a week or two, both I and my animals were back to normal. EarthCalm has restored our health!” Terry Yada, Canada


How does the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System Work?

Using the principle of Resonance, EarthCalm’s Living Earth Technology immerses you in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This frees you from the hazardous effects of both low frequency EMFs such as those generated by your home’s electricity, and from high frequency EMFs (also known as wireless or microwave radiation) generated by wireless devices.

Want to know more? Listen to EarthCalm’s inventor, Jean Gallick, explain in greater detail how EarthCalm products work:

 Read more information on how EarthCalm products work.

Why wait to give your family
  Smart Meter Radiation Protection?

Instead of opting out, buy an EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System and protect yourself not only from the EMFs from your Smart Meter—but also those from your electricity and all your appliances. 

EarthCalm products have a 90-day, money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Treat yourself and your family to a feeling of greater ease, comfort and relaxation—and free yourself of all concern about Smart Meter health risks. 


“Within an hour, the metallic taste was gone, the pain in my head was gone, my energy began to return and a sense of calm and happiness cameI have been sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a night…a deep, sound, restful sleep.” Kathryn M., NY

 Reg. Price: $329  Sale Price: $296


Smart Meter radiation protection is a must in today’s world. Don’t take chances with Smart Meter health risks.

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