UN, World Health Organization Urged to Review EMF Guidelines

EMF Guidelines

Nearly 200 scientists from almost 40 different nations recently filed an appeal with the United Nations and the World Health Organization with an eye towards reviewing EMF and wireless technology guidelines to protect global populations from the effects of these powerful, invisible energy fields.

An Environmental Pollutant

The coalition of expert scientists drafted the appeal after the Herculean task of filing around 2,000 peer-reviewed research studies on how non-ionizing radiation affects the human body. The researchers concluded that EMF emissions could pose a serious threat to the health of humanity in general, calling EMF radiation a substantial environmental pollutant across the globe.

The appeal put forward by the collection of scientists exhorts high-ranking UN and WHO officials, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and WHOID-10085622 Director General Dr. Margaret Chan, to inform the general public about how EMF exposure may have negative effects on humans, especially in the case of children and pregnant women. The appeal also strongly suggests that the WHO and the UN begin to increase their efforts to reduce the amount of EMF exposure as well.

Ignoring the Issue

Scientists with the group have leveled particular criticism against the WHO, an organization which they claim has been choosing to ignore the recommendations of its own agency and instead favor the recommendations put forward by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. With the ICNIRP being a group of industry insiders that is self-selecting, the organization has been categorized as non-protective by concerned researchers.

One of the researchers connected with the appeal, Columbia University’s Martin Blank, has more than three decades of EMF research under his belt. He remarked that there needs to be more consistent reinforcement of international EMF exposure procedures in order to provide better visibility to how these electromagnetic fields effect human biology, especially when it comes to the possibility of cellular DNA damage.

Defending the Planet

Teen Girl Or Young Woman Having Stressful Phone ConversationOne of the primary requests of the scientists submitting the appeal to the UN and the WHO is to have better defenses put in place to keep EMF emissions from having negative effects on not just the human population but on the earth’s wildlife as well. The request goes deeper than simply addressing acute electromagnetic exposure in the forms of electrical burns; the researchers also wish to have those exposed to occupational or chronic exposure at low but consistent levels afforded protections as well.

One of the largest areas of concern for scientists was the widespread use of mobile phones and how the EM radiation emitted by these cellular devices could affect human health. There were in excess of six billion mobile phone consumers worldwide as of November of 2011 according to the appeal, and the EMF exposure these mobile phone users are exposed to have similarities to microwaves. Additionally, the radiation emitted by wireless data technologies such as Wi-Fi is also considered a possible cause for concern.

Inconsistent Guidelines

The appeal submitted by these scientists is especially appropriate in light of how global recommendations differ from country to country. A handful of international organizations do have global recommendations, but these guidelines are limited to prioritizing the use of texting, using speaker phone options or hands-free devices, or simply limiting the amount of time spent on mobile voice calls as the only necessary steps to take to ensure the safety of cellular device users. Meanwhile, the recommendations made by individual countries differ in approach, with some countries taking a much more permissive view of the threshold for dangerous EMF exposure.


Over 100 Experts Warn UN Of The Health Hazards Associated With Wireless Technology

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