WiFi Health Risks and Children
Protect your Children from WiFi Radiation

Children are more susceptible to WiFi health risks.If you’re concerned about your children and WiFi health risks, you’re in good company. Many parents these days are worried. WiFi radiation is everywhere around us.

Does your child have 
WiFi health symptoms?

WiFi generates electromagnetic radiation that penetrates the human body, causing a large variety of symptoms and contributing to many disorders and diseases.  

 Correlations have also been made to ADHD, Autism & Asthma.

Scientific reports link WiFi radiation exposure with:

  • Impaired concentration
  • Loss of short term memory
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disorders
  • Digestive problems
  • Depression & Anxiety

 Warnings about Wireless Radiation

A number of organizations, including the Council of Europe, the European Environment Agency, UK Trades Union Congress, the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety, and the Russian Commission for Electromagnetic Safety, have also given strong warnings about all technology that emits radiation similar to that of WiFi.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Toxicology Program have also studied the effects of non-thermal radiation on human health. Their results are that, among other things, radiation can significantly increase the risk of serious diseases. They have classified RF as a possible carcinogen, the same as lead and DDT.

Children’s Vulnerability to WiFi Radiation

Children are especially vulnerable to WiFi radiation because their nervous systems and brains are still developing. Also their skulls are thinner and smaller, so the radiation penetrates more deeply into their brains.

If you have WiFi, and your children also use laptops and play wireless games, they are living in a virtual sea of radiation, exposing them to a number of WiFi health risks. 

Protect your Children from WiFi Radiation

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As alarming as this may be, you needn’t worry! You just need to give your children EMF protection.

Backed by 30 years of research and development, EarthCalm technology provides you with the most powerful protection you can find today.

The Nova Resonator S-Series Pendant will protect your children from WiFi radiation wherever they go. It will help them to think more clearly, sleep better, and improve their grades. 

“I was amazed to find my 7-year-old son, who has been hyperactive since he was a baby, begin to calm down and play more quietly after I put the Resonator on him…his teacher is noticing he can concentrate better now, his attention span has really improved…” Amy S., CA

Dangers of WiFi Radiation in Schools

 Children in school are exposed to WiFi radiation all day long.Most schools these days have installed WiFi—so even if you don’t have WiFi at home, your children are being constantly exposed to WiFi radiation all day at school.

Barrie Trower, British physicist and former researcher on the effects of radiation for the Royal Navy and Military Intelligence, explains about children’s sensitivity to WiFi radiation:

“Children are physiologically and neurologically immature. It takes years for the blood-brain barrier to form, leaving children more prone to cell-leakage from microwave radiation… In all the schools I have visited around the world with Wi-Fi, every one has reported the same symptoms in students: fatigue, headaches, nausea, chest pain, vision problems.”


Watch this video to hear more about WiFi health risks in schools.

Protect your child from WiFi health risks. 

Keep your children safe from WiFi radiation at school—and everywhere they go.

 “My 14-year-old niece wore a Resonator for a week and at first thought she didn’t notice much…she’s a normal ‘healthy’ kid. Then she realized she was waking up earlier than usual, not tired for the whole day at school.”  Tino P., Botswana

For Younger or Very Active Children

If you have a child too young to wear a pendant or one who is very active, you can simply pin the pendant to your child’s clothing or inside a pocket.

Don’t wait to protect your children from WiFi radiation!

“My granddaughter now sleeps better. Before, she would wake up almost every night crying. Now she is getting a solid night’s sleep”. Sherrie T., Red Bluff, CA

EarthCalm’s Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied, all EarthCalm products have a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Try one on your children today and watch for improvements in their health and attention spans.


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