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Home EMF Protection System


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WiFi Radiation Protection is Crucial

Wireless routers constantly generate a field of radio frequency (RF) radiation throughout an entire home that research tells us is a significant health risk. You are exposed to WiFi radiation almost everywhere else you go these days, as well.

Independent research has found that numerous health issues, including DNA breakage, the generation of stress proteins, and the disruption of cell metabolism are created by exposure to RF radiation. 

In other studies, it is reported that WiFi radiation commonly causes such symptoms as fatigue, irritability, constant daily headaches and digestive disorders. And long-term exposure to radiation has been linked with many serious diseases.

Benefits people report with WiFi Radiation Protection:

  • increased energy
  • fewer headaches
  • less fatigue
  • reduced brain-fog
  • feeling relaxed and alert
  • more restful sleep
  • a sense of well-being

“I was immediately struck with a powerful grounding sensation…I’ve noticed feeling more centered, focused and less hyperactive…” Reid T., CT


WiFi Radiation Protection at Home:
Home EMF Protection System

Home EMF Protection System

Sale Price: $350

Plug in the Home EMF Protection System and feel the calming, healing effect of the field of protection that flows through your entire home. Everyone in your home using any device connected to your router, such as a laptop, tablet or other wireless devices, will be protected.

A bonus: The Home EMF Protection System also protects you from your Smart Meter, cordless phones, your electricity and your desktop computers.


 “I experience headaches, nausea and trouble concentrating when surrounded by EMFs. At work I’m surrounded by 200+ computers and my desk is less than 100 feet from a cell phone tower…I now use a Home Protection System by EarthCalm…I noticed a fast improvement in my health…” April F, Citrus Hts., CA


EarthCalm Inventor Explains the Home EMF Protection System 

Wireless Radiation Protection Away from Home: The Torus


When you’re away from home, a Torus attached to any wireless device you take with you will create a calming, healing field of protection of five feet around you.

The Torus measures 2″ x 2″.

$129 for one

10% off for 2: $232


“My health has been transformed since the day I plugged it into my home. I am very sensitive to EMF’s and could feel an energy shift in my body as soon as I plugged it in. I am sleeping soundly with an elevated mood and lots of energy now without any effort.” Niki Noyes

EarthCalm Inventor Explains the Torus

EarthCalm EMF Protection Technology

EarthCalm products use revolutionary Living Earth Technology to protect you from EMF exposure. Proprietary geometric circuits, which mirror the structure of the earth’s electromagnetic field, amplify your resonance with the earth—thus giving you the ultimate in EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation.

 “I quit having chronic headaches! (A very big deal for me.) And I wasn’t tired and fuzz-headed after a few hours at the computer.” Patrick Bell

Note: For full EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation, it is important to also protect yourself from cell phone radiation.  All EarthCalm products work together synergistically, adding layers of protection against all EMF sources in your environment. See our full line of EMF protection products for complete protection.

Use WiFi radiation protection!
Prevent WiFi health risks with EMF protection by EarthCalm.